The love of a home is the love of many

The love of a home is the love of many

Our home is all we ever will need.

A home may only mean a place where one lives but it’s more than that, there is so many interpretations to this one word. A home is a comfort. A home is where memories begin and a home is where love becomes stronger.

When a house becomes a home we embark on a new beginning a place where we find ourselves and we discover our strengths. A house holds so much history and so much more emotion than we realise. It’s where a child learns to stand only to fall. It’s where a fight transforms into an apology and it’s where we can invent a new lifestyle.

There are also times where a home is where we feel safe, where we’re protected against the monsters of the night, where we’re supposed to be free of danger. A home is where we have a warm bed to lull ourselves into a deep slumber. It’s where we learn to be independent and enable ourselves to go out into the real world and face the unknown. A home could also be where you want to be isolated, where you want to figure out things going on in your life.

A home is also where the people we love remain in memory even after they have deceased or left the home. The home is the place where we dedicate a part of ourselves to make this plain looking household into something beautiful. We add colours and pictures and we make a story, so when the ones we love pass we collects all of the things that mean the most and bring them home with us until it’s time for us to pass on. We create a cycle so no one is forgotten and that’s a good thing, every life has a story to be told and the same is said for a home.

A home is no more than a place or is it?

“When you finally go back to your old home, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood.”

- Sam Ewing


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