Top 5 Games You Need On Your Christmas List

Top 5 Games You Need On Your Christmas List

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With the run up to Christmas just around the corner almost every game developer is bring out a new title, but which ones are really worth your time?

This winter is going to be a big one in the world of gaming. With the console wars between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo still raging, each company is looking for that iconic gaming property to give them an edge. On top of all that, with the rate of technology increasing it seems as though each third party developer has something new to bring to the table over the next few months. With so many great games out there which ones should you be aiming to grab this Christmas? While this list is child-friendly some of the games mentioned are not, if there are any titles that are unsuitable for your age consult a parent or guardian before purchase.

5. Star Wars Battlefront


I know I have given this property a lot of trouble. However, even with all the problems surrounding the lack of content and server issues, Star Wars Battlefront is still going to be one of the most exciting games coming out over the next few months. With space combat has been confirmed, as well as offline split-screen modes and a Halo-esque firefight mode, Battlefront is winning me over. The actual game quality, with brilliant textures and high frame rates, looks like a wonder to behold. Add in all the Star Wars film hype and I can almost guarantee this game will be on everyone’s Christmas lists come December.

4. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate


The theme this year seems to be ‘gaming sequels going in new directions’, nowhere is this more evident than with Assassin’s Creed as the series heads away from revolutionary France and into industrial Victorian England. Simply from a standpoint of national pride, I am happy we are finally getting a game set in good old blighty but past that this change is also going to allow the series to take a new turn towards a more technological group of assassins. There has already been a whole slew of gadgets and gizmos leaked and paired with the addition of a female protagonist the prospect of this game has me giddy with glee.

3. Fallout 4


I’m going to say this now and get it out the way, I am not a fan of Fallout. I have played a lot of the series and it’s always stopped just short of pulling me into the world. That being said, Fallout 4 is, without a doubt, going to be one of the must have games this year. With the sizeable hype train behind it and all the new added features, I can’t help but feel like I have to give it another chance, and if I want to give it a chance then I know any fans out there are going to snap it up on day one. If your not convinced about Fallout 4, if you have always resisted the franchise like me, just go and give the Bethesda E3 show a watch and you will quickly find every reason to buy this game.

2. Lego Dimensions


This choice may come as a bit of a surprise. However, even a hardened gaming veteran should pick up this game, it’s jam packed with every franchise geeks and nerds love. We have Portal, Scooby-doo, Back To The Future, The Simpsons, Lord Of The Rings and even DC Comics all rolled into one big meaty game. The game that comes with the starter pack is a wonder in it’s self, making levels out of each franchise that the game is connected to, but it also give you the option to buy the characters you love and unlock more content in their worlds. I love this as a concept and I know if it’s being made by the Lego team it’s going to be chocked full of good game design. The only reason that Lego Dimensions is not in the top spot on this list is simply because the price tag is far too high, the add-on content alone is reaching around £30 a pack. At this point it’s beginning to feel less like a good game idea and more like a money making scheme.

1. Halo 5: Guardians

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This is it, the number one spot on the list, Halo 5: Guardians, also known as the sole reason to folk out for an X-Box One. Halo has almost always been a revolutionary series, resisting the allure of yearly release schedules in an attempt to release a higher quality of content. With each game we have seen a jump in both graphical clarity and a move towards better game-play. Even as a big fan of Sony, I have to say that Microsoft, Bungie and 343’s Halo franchise may be one of the single most important series in the world of gaming. Even if you have never played Halo before, even if you have never picked up s controller before, go out and give this game a go when it get’s released. I have every belief that Halo 5: Guardians will show you a window into the future of gaming.

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