The effects of the migrant crisis on tourism and travel

The effects of the migrant crisis on tourism and travel

The European migrant crisis has made some holidaymakers think twice about where to book their holiday.

Europe’s migrant crisis has completely erupted. Migrants have travelled from various areas most notably Syria to seek asylum around Europe to escape their homelands which have become uninhabitable.

However the sheer number of migrants has posed problems for countries in the European Union. Hungary has already declared a state of emergency as they try to tighten their laws on immigrants and it’s very possible that many other countries will do the same.

Some holidaymakers have suffered as a result of the recent developments, with many people deciding to cancel on their planned vacations. Tunisia, which was the subject of much controversy during the summer, suffered greatly with more people looking at options such as Greece and Turkey.

The tourism and travel industry hasn’t suffered everywhere in Europe, with Greece, who are in the middle of their own crisis, still bringing in many tourists. There has been a high number of migrants settling in Greece and Greek Islands such as Kos but according to a report from Ving, the country was host to around 15% more Scandinavian travellers than last year.

Some countries will be more opposed to playing hosts to guests and have no choice but to let their tourism industry suffer temporarily as they look to deal with the migration crisis.


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