9 Top tips to help you survive a long haul flight

9 Top tips to help you survive a long haul flight

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Flying can be stressful for many of us so here are some ways to make your journey more comfortable

It’s that time again when you decide that you want to go on holiday or you have a business trip which requires you to be trapped inside an airborne tube for hours on end. It takes a toll on even the most frequent flyers because of the long hours on-board but the flight doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. Here are some tips that can help ease your long flight!

1. Choose your food wisely

Some foods can cause gastrointestinal discomfort such as making you feel bloated or have a lot of gas which is why its important to choose what you eat wisely. If you don’t like plane food and tend to carry your own, bring proteins such as boneless chicken breasts and stay away from fried food because tend to make you feel tired and unsettled. You can also try bread and fresh fruits like peach and guava can help too, because they are rich in vitamins and allow your body to stay hydrated throughout the flight.

2. Pack snacks

Maybe you really hate airplane food but you can’t skip meals or eat through the entire flight! So? Pack snacks! Whether its almonds, crackers, yogurts or even protein cereal bars. Always make sure that you eat and drink but not too much because according to web MD foods are harder to digest while in the air which can make a long flight longer and definitely more uncomfortable.

3. Stay hydrated

Air travelling can be very dehydrating that’s why you have to make sure to drink a lot of water, most likely more than you usually do. You should continue drinking throughout the flight; don’t wait till you’re thirsty then ask flight attendant for some water. On average you should be drinking around 8 cups of water everyday, but if you don’t like drinking water as much as I do you can always drink fresh fruit juices. Drinking water helps to clear out toxins in your system and also keeps your skin feeling hydrated. A tip for both woman and men too is if you do use face masks and lotions, a long flight is where you should be bringing them with you as not only would you keep yourself hydrated on the inside but your skin will be hydrated too.

4. Choose your drinks wisely

Drink less alcohol and coffee, change it up for green tea or fresh juices like apple and orange juice. Green tea is famously known for its many health benefits such as detoxing your body and getting rid of a lot of the unnecessary waste within our bodies, its great for the summer to help you from dehydration and its also good for your skin. Simply put, just drink green tea to keep your body happy,however, drinking too much can be a bad thing because its like every other types of tea and coffee it does have some caffeine within and too much of anything is never a good idea. When on-board, you usually feel bloated due to the air pressure changing and by drinking green tea or fresh juices like apple or orange juice it can help clear out you system.

5. Dress Comfortable

You are travelling on an airplane, not going on a stroll with your dog so dress comfortably, wear flats or trainers skip the heels. Its important that you feel comfortable whilst being in flight so bring in the t-shirt and trainers. Your on a plane not at home, therefore its normal to feel less uncomfortable so why not dress comfortably. Temperature drops when the plane is high above the cloud and you might get cold up there so bring a hoodie and thin coat or scarf to keep yourself warm.

6. Bring a neck pillow or just make one using your hoodie (oh, don’t forget the eye mask)

We all complain about neck pain and how flying is horrible but there is always a trick if you forget to bring a neck pillow when you fly; you can use the hoodie that you have. Its very simple, just fold your hoodie, roll it up and use the hood to secure it into a pillow shape and then your good to go. Enjoy your sleep! or the simpler option is to just bring a neck pillow. There can do wonders for you when in the air. Neck pillows are made to secure your neck; because your sitting up straight the pillow is there to help give your neck the support and it prevents you from getting neck pain when you wake up.

7. Stretch

Sleeping is great but don’t forget to change your clock and get up now and then from your seat because your legs will get stiff after a long time. Sitting for long hours can give you cramps, so its always a good idea to go for a walk even when your on the plane (well as long as you get back to your seat when required to and fasten your seat belt). Whilst on a stroll you’ll never know, you might make a new friend along the way.

8. Make your own entertainment

Some people choose to sleep all the way through their flight and others may watch a film or play games which can be tiring and not good for your eyes because of the lighting on the plane. So its always nice to talk to someone new. You never know you might find your ‘new best friend’. Don’t get to attached to your tech, start making conversations and be aware of what’s around you.

9. Lastly, try and catch some ‘shut eye’ even if its just 15minutes

Napping is always great and you should nap when you can because it helps as a boost for the brain. We are like our computers and there are times where our computers become very slow and it need a reboot, well so do we as humans. Dr Michael Beul said that “nap for 15 minutes minimum but don’t go over 30 minutes because that’s when you go into the deep sleep zone”. However, in this case its a good thing if you are able to sleep all the way through as it allows you to skip the flight entirely, however personally for me, I find it hard to sleep so I choose to take short naps.

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