Being evil in the eyes of others

Being evil in the eyes of others

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Evil is always there but when do we cross that line?

How do we know we’re doing the right thing? How do we know our actions are our own?

These are usually the questions we are faced with in daring situations, the situations that can change everything. Sometimes you have moments where you lose the meanings of what right and wrong are and that’s when you become the monster.

This is the monster that everyone has the potential to be, the monster that in the end will make the right decision. Sometimes doing the right thing will cause heartache and betrayal but it’s what’s for the best.

We don’t comprehend the fact that evil isn’t born it’s made. We are pushed and pulled into this way of living in belief that the sun can shine all day and we live on rainbows. That’s not what this is about, it’s not about justice or punishment it’s about you!

You! You’re the one who decides how you live your life – you are the one who chooses what person you dream of becoming. Just because your life isn’t the way some one else wants it to be does not make you the bad guy, it makes you a believer – it makes you a fighter.

Not a fighter in the sense of blood and fisticuffs but rather an awareness to hold onto a dream we intend to reach. To be evil is to be dishonourable but, sometimes you need a little evil to get you to the good place you want. As long as you can honour and respect yourself that is the most important aspect.

“Act well your part, there all the honour lies.”

Alexander Pope


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