Coup d’etat in Burkina Faso

Coup d’etat in Burkina Faso

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Military members of the Presidential Security Regiment (PSR) announced the dissolution of the transitional authority in Burkina Faso. They assured they want ‘inclusive elections’ controlled by General Gilbert Diendéré, a close relative of the ex president Blaise Compaoré, the coup-supporters sequester – since Wednesday 16th – and the members of the executive. Amongst them, Michel Kafando and the Prime Minister Isaac Zida.

In brief: 

  • Wenesday, 2:30pm. Armed men barged in Kosyam Palace in Burkina Faso during the Council of Ministers. Guards are unarmed, and mobile phones are taken away. All the present members, including Isaac Zisa and Michel Kafando are arrested by members of the PSR.
  • The National Council for the Defence of Democracy (NCDD) has established this Thursday a curfew from 7pm this Thursday to 6am this Friday. Aerial and land borders are now closed.
  • According to the local sources, an estimated of 10 people have died in Ouagadougou and nearby.

From military coup to coup d’état

Thursday 17th, in the morning, a man appeared on TV announcing the resignation of Michel Kafando, president of the Transition. The man – dressed in the PSR uniform – introduced himself on the behalf of the NCDD. He also announced the dissolution of both the government and the Transitional Parliament.

The man then justifies the NCDD’s action: this coup d’état has been initiate as a preventive measure to stop the deviant transitional regime: ‘Following the victorious uprising of the people on the 30th and 31st of October 2014, the transitional regime has progressively walked away from the re-foundation of a consensual democracy’ which led to “a grave frustration within the people, therefore erecting two kinds of citizens”.

Negotiations have been held, and a diverse delegation have met the perpetrators of the coup d’état at the Ministry of Defence. These negotiations have been interrupted.

A turbulent night 

During the night, gunfire have been shot in many different areas of the capital. Riots have arisen, and protestors tried to reach Kosyma Palace without success. Following those events, all the paths leading to the palace have been blocked by members of the PSR.’ We just wanted to tell PSR to free the Prime Minister, the President and the Palace’ has declared on of the protestor.

This Thursday morning, protestors met Place de la Nation, and planned further demonstrations until the president, the Prime and other ministers are freed.

The international community’s reaction

The international community has strongly responded to this coup d’état. Paris firmly condemn this coup d’etat, while Washington has expressed its “profound concern”. Federica Mogherini, head of the European diplomacy,  calls for respect of the public interest’. The United Nations Security Council also condemn the actions of the PSR.

The African Union, the Economic Community of West African States and the United Nations have sent out a joined press released in which they “deeply condemn this blatantly violation of the Constitution and the Charter of Transition”.

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