A holiday away takes the cares away

A holiday away takes the cares away

When your on holiday what do you forget?

A holiday is a getaway from school studies or from your hard days at work. A holiday is carefree – its a break.

The holiday would normally be booked in advance just in case something happens that can ruin those plans but, in the end we get there. Wherever you go no matter if it’s abroad on just somewhere around here it is still a holiday with family, we plan these holidays with family members we don’t see much but want to see more of or – we invite friends to just have fun. In this amount of time away you learn to notice things about your family you never knew before, like how they act in different situations that you wouldn’t face back home. You learn that your family always sticks to you when your away from your comfort zone a.k.a your home.

There are dangers as well as other things when you go on holiday as we have heard on the news many times before, sometimes this stops us from having fun but we have to learn that danger is always going to be around the corner and sometimes we have to realise we only have this one life. This one life that gives us a chance to let loose.

On holiday we have so many chances to act crazy but 9 out of 10 were to scared to do it. My advice would be to go for it – get your face painted and don’t worry about how old you are, join in with party dances with your kids. Show them it’s okay to be silly, go on the craziest ride you can find and encourage others to join you. You don’t only have one chance to act like a kid but you have the rest of your life to live it up so don’t waste it, enjoy it.

“I look my best when I’m totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach.”  

– Rosamund Pike


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