7 ways not to ruin your hair!

7 ways not to ruin your hair!

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Some advice for your hair care

Do you want shiny and healthy dense curls? Do you not want to ruin your hair? Then watch out for these things:

1. Use heat protection!

If you dry your hair regularly or if you style it with curling-irons or hair straighteners then you must obtain a heat protection-spray! There are products for wet and dry hair as well, just follow the instructions written on the bottle. This tool will prevent your hair ends from getting damaged. Before you put heat to your hair you should comb it, so the heat protector will cover your hair evenly.

2. Don’t be afraid of fish oil!

You shouldn’t worry, because your hair will not be greasy from fish oil. Instead it is going to be well-fed and bright. It has only one trick: you should not use too much from it.

3. Buy suitable products for yourself!

If you have thin hair, don’t use products for normal or dry hair, because they will pull down your hair. If your hair is dry, then the shampoo and the balm for thin hair will not nurture it enough. Always check the product carefully, for what kind of hair style the shampoo or balm is most suitable for.

4. Don’t use too much or too little!

If you use too much hair protecting products they could subside on your hair and will cause disheveled look. If, however you use too little protecting it will not have any affect. The perfect portion is as big as a coin or a bean.

5. Put the products to the right place!

You don’t have to cover your whole hair with every product. The cleaning tools (shampoo) should be placed only on your hair plants. The feeding product however should be used on your hair endings.

6. Don’t use any spray too close to your hair!

If you blow the spray too close to your hair, a disproportionate amount could cover one side of your hair, and as a result it can look greasy and heavy. The dry shampoos can make your head look totally white, and it is very hard to remove. The optimal distance is 20-25 centimetres.

7. Change your hair care products in every season!

You need conditioner in every season, but in winter it should be a stronger one. In summer you should pay attention to have a conditioner with sunscreen function so it will save your hair from the sun and the pool.



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