99 Problems but Windows ain’t one

99 Problems but Windows ain’t one

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Why is it that Windows 9 doesn't exist?

I was helping my Nan sort out her computer last week (which, let me assure you, was just as much of a headache as it sounds. She didn’t know what copy and paste was. It hurt.) and I had to update her software for her. It was then that I noticed (albeit slightly later than the rest of the world) that Windows skipped 9 and went straight to Windows 10. It got me wondering exactly what the reason may be that there wasn’t a version called ‘Windows 9′ and these are some variations I came up with:

1. The number 9 is Bill Gates‘ unlucky number after losing strip poker game, making it taboo in Microsoft HQ.

2. Ten is the number of people predicted to being willing to swap over to the update.

3. 9 is German for NO.

4. Nobody had a problem with Windows Vista so they figured they’d mix things up again.

5. Bill Gates is a Jay-Z superfan and took his rap anthem ’99 Problems’ to heart.

6. They can auction off rare copies of a 9th update should times get hard (it IS a recession don’t you know).

7. Because 7 ate 9.

8. Microsoft are big in Japan where the number is associated with misfortune so they cut the number out of respect.
10. Because they said so.

After writing this, I was very disappointed to find out that the real reason for this was far less exciting than I had imagined.
I think I prefer reason number 5 if I’m honest…


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