Superphones will soon replace cellphones

Superphones will soon replace cellphones

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The next generation’s mobile phone will be known as the ‘superphone’.

Wang Yanmin, the president of Huawei’s regional division has stated that the first superphone is due to be published in five years and will revolutionise our lives – said Wang Yanmin, the president of Huawei’s regional division.

Wang Yanmin believes that superphones are going to connect physical and virtual reality. It means that the device is going to be a living organism which will be able to record our behaviour and habits, and it will also understand our preferences.

Just like Baymax from Big Hero 6, superphones will understand their users completely, and they will be in interaction with both people and the environment. Therefore it is going to make our life faster and easier. Huawei thinks that superphones will integrate the different innovations and applications simultaneously, which is going to be the most important trend in the future world of intelligent devices.

Thanks to the next generation’s superfast and robust telecommunications networks, all things will be in connection with each other, and more Internet of Things (IoT) will communicate than people. Although the tool will fit for humans.


If we look through the history of mobile phone development, we can find revolutionary changes every 12 years. Motorola’s first generation phone was published in 1995, and it implemented a completely new form of communication. The making of calls and the text messages has changed the communication between one another.

12 years later another significant jump came. In 2007 the first iPhone has arrived and one year later Android phones were also released. For the next 12 years Huawei predicts, that the connection between phones and people will strengthen, and by 2020 superhones will have come out.


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