Grab Microsoft Windows 10 for free

Grab Microsoft Windows 10 for free

There is very good news for windows users as a new version of Windows Operating system has just launched and Microsoft just decided to offer this Version as a free upgrade to present to Windows 7 and 8 users.

There’s nothing more exciting than a freebie worth more than $199 and it becomes even more exciting when it is offeredto us by the giant software company Microsoft.

If you are a Windows Vista, XP or Mac user, you can surely buy this operating system. The home version of windows 10 is estimated half the price of pro version. You can buy and enhance your computing experience with this amazing operating system.

Those who have reserved their free copy of windows 10 will be notified when their upgrade will be ready to download and install. This mean everyone will not get this copy at the same time. In case you can’t wait, You have one more option of going to the Microsoft store and downloading it manually here.

Microsoft already announced that Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education is going to be live on 1st August. Talking about the availability in the market, it is estimated to be found in the market by the end of August.

If you’re looking for pros of this OS, you will find so many brilliant features like Microsoft Edge web browser replacing the default Internet Explorer and an XBox application for better gaming. Voice based smart assistance is also included in this OS.

For natural interaction, Windows 10 supports Voide, Gestures and Pen input also. With snap and task view, users can switch to one app to another and do multitasking with ease.


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