No sir, I am not a Gamer Girl

No sir, I am not a Gamer Girl

“Oh man I played an EPIC game of Starcraft last night! I TRASHED the Zerg!”

“Oh yeah on Easy? I didn’t know you were a Gamer Girl!”

Erm exsqueeze me? I think the words you’re looking for are `Gamer`.

A Gamer girl if the term used for women who sit in their bra and balance a controller they don’t know how to use on themselves. The term used for women who get people to take pictures of them half naked playing Minecraft.  So I am in fact NOT a Gamer Girl. I will NOT use indecency to get well known whilst streaming.

In fact I destroyed a whole COLONY of Zerg, and everyone knows they are the hardest to fight against. I’ve shot hundreds of poisonous darts as Teemo in League of Legends. Planted hundreds of Mushrooms and laughed as they activated on surprised champs. I’ve walked through the beautiful landscapes of WOW. Run through the trees and across the grass, fought monsters of all kinds, gone on raids and missions. I’ve wrecked my opponents on Hearthstone and lost horribly in MtG.

MtG, AKA Magic the Gathering. A Multiplayer card game.

Through the lands of Skyrim I have wandered, ridden and flew on the back of a Dragon. I have learnt to shout, to kill and to cast. I’ve been Batman and fought through the Jokers lair and battled Croc on a rooftop in Gotham.

The problem with being a Gamer girl never came across until one fateful Google search.  This is the definition…

Not to be confused with a gamer who is a girl. A gamer girl is a girl who enjoys playing video games for attention. They can be seen taking full body pictures of themselves with their controllers. They tend to use the words nerd and geek when describing themselves. They think that they are unique for being a girl who plays video games.If you are playing online multi-player and another player says something along the lines of “Go easy on me, I’m a girl and this is my first time playing this game,” chances are they are a gamer girl. Gamer girls feel the need to point out that they are girls.
I don’t think any self respecting woman wants to be defined by such descriptions, no wonder so many of us don’t admit to enjoying games, to enjoying the films, to collecting comics.  Another huge factor is pictures like these that come across when you search Gamer Girl.
Why cant they wear a trackie?

Seeing this sort of press makes me want to keep my past time a hidden secret, kind of like Batman. Except nobody posted pictures of Batman in his bra. Why would we want to admit we play if the expectation is that we must be `super hot`?

C`mon, if your playing then your going to want to be comfy and ready for a four hour binge.

What I am getting at is, I do not want to admit I enjoy games only to be told I am doing it to be `unique` and that I don’t really like them.

1V1 me bro.



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