Android users annoyed with body shaping app

Android users annoyed with body shaping app

''Body shaping? More like body shaming!''

The BIKINI app for Android and iPhone that is used similarly to Photoshop is frowned upon, based on comments by Android users.

The app, according to the description, has the following features:

  • Height correction
  • Face reduction
  • Breast enlargement
  • Body shaping
  • Slim down

The app has over 500,000 downloads but over 700 people complained about the app, most of them for the same reason – body shaming.

One user said:

  • This is so destructive, why would an app be made if it makes it okay for women to feel horrible about themselves? This does nothing for anyone’s self-esteem, it’s disgusting.

Other comments include:

  • ”This app is perfect, if you want to easily lower people’s self-esteem! I also really like the fact that this app is for people aged three years and up, so that everyone can get into self-hatred. The only thing you’re doing is making beauty standards even higher!”
  • ”It’s apps like this that encourage eating disorders in women. I found this app on my 12-year-old cousin’s phone. By promoting this sort of editing, you are promoting eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Not to mention this is clearly an attempt to body shame those who are not a size four or smaller.”
  • ”Stop insulting women’s insecurities, especially in teenage girls. This is cultivating media-brainwashing. Stop feeding this toxic mindset.”
  • ”This app made me really self-conscious about my body.”

Many people, men and women, are extremely insulted by this app’s existence, arguing that it’s sexist and body-shaming. However, not everyone felt this way.

Another comment said:

  • ”I can’t believe women are giving this app a bad rating just because they think they’re too fat. News flash, ladies – sometimes people are fat, and they should be ashamed. If someone has an eating disorder, it’s not over apps like this.”

Not many users were justifying the app or defending it whatsoever, but many were complaining about the bad influence the app has had on them, making them had their body.

Some people pointed out the sexism in the app – that they would never create an app like this – and others pointed out that women should love how they look and not edit themselves. However, very few comments said that the app is not destructive to women and that people are overreacting.

Do you think this app is good/bad idea? Why? Let us know in the comments!


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