Are Kendall and Jordan dating?

Are Kendall and Jordan dating?

Miss Kendall Jenner is apparently dating basketball player Jordan Clarkson, and were seen celebrating together on 4th July.

According to sources, they are now “casually dating” and they have a very laid back relationship meaning they are free to see other people. So, does this mean their relationship isn’t serious then? Well according to another source both Kendall and Jordan are not looking for an actual relationship at the moment and are just happily spending time together “as friends”.

Again this weekend, the pair were seen at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Bootsy Bellows “Red White and Bootsy party. In addition, according to one source Jordan had also been spending time with Kendall in Malibu. The house it reported to be $2,200 per next, which sounds pretty expensive but not for these lucky stars.

The pair’s ¬†relationship has sparked a lot of curiosity from fans and the media. They had said that they were trying to keep their relationship “low-key” to the public. This may be the reason why their relationship seems quite secretive.

When Kendall and Jordan were spotted by the media, they did not seem all that flirty, which could mean that they are hiding the relationship or that their relationship really isn’t that serious at the moment.


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