Feeling the heat? Try this cooling yoga breathing exercise!

Feeling the heat? Try this cooling yoga breathing exercise!

Perfect for cooling down on hot days.

The weather is getting warmer which is great!  Hot sunshine and happy people are always a bonus. Yet, packed public transport, busy roads and hectic days can lead to anger, frustration and the general feeling of wipe-out. Short fuses all around.  Oh no!

Fear not, try this cooling yogic breathing exercise called Sital Breathing, when ever you are feeling hot under the collar.  It is also a meditation and believe it or not, toning for the facial muscles. Yeah! A calm mind equals peace and harmony.

As with all forms of exercise, please check with your doctor for suitability and exercise at your own risk.

Method: Sit with a straight spine, cross-legged or on a chair. Hands rest on the knees.

Curl the tongue as much as you can and then stick it out the mouth.

Now, begin inhaling through the mouth with the tongue in the same position. If possible inhale for a count of five.

Next, as you exhale, slide the tongue back into the mouth, closing the lips. Do this as you exhale through the nose for a count of five. As the lungs grow stronger, you will be able to increase the count to ten.

Repeat for 6-15 minutes, remembering to build up time gradually.

This refreshing breathing meditation is like a tonic for the soul.  Enjoy!  Summer has finally landed.

The harmonizing of opposing forces is a key aspect of yoga — hot energy is united with cool energy, strong with soft, and masculine with feminine. ~Tara Fraser

Janey Bowyer
Janey Bowyer is trained Hatha and Kundalini yoga teacher, fiction author and self-help, yoga and holistic blogger! She runs the www.thewordsprite.com blog where she offers easy to follow holistic solutions to modern living. Her new book, The Busy Person's Guide to Everyday Enlightenment is based on her blog is available for now on Amazon and in Kindle. A free meditation guide is available from her website.


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