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The bluest of waters, the whitest of sands coupled with the friendliest locals who prepare the most delicious food. Cambodia should be high up on your list of places to visit this year, in fact it should be at the top. Most people who visit Asia will gravitate towards Thailand, however Cambodia, its lesser explored little sister has so much to offer.

THE TEMPLE OF ALL TEMPLES. Ankor Wat at sunrise is everything you could wish for from a temple visit. Everyone grabs breakfast on the way and sits out on the grass in front watching it come alive as the sun rises from behind it. The lesser known temple Ta Prohm is also worth a visit. The backdrop to Angelina Jolie’s film Tomb Raider is a stunning structure which has been eaten alive by huge tree roots and lightly dusted with green moss.

THE ISLANDS off the south of Cambodia are simply the gift that keeps on giving. Koh Rong being a favourite is 10% inhabited with the other 90% made up of white deserted beaches and amazon like forest. There’s no transport on the island so once you hop off the boat you’ll be strolling down the beach picking out which seafront bungalow you want to stay in. The night life is full of hippie bands strumming to the sunset, if you’re looking for complete peace head to the island next door Koh Rong Samloem.

THE PEOPLE of Cambodia are the kindest and friendliest humans you’ll meet. Despite being rocked by Pol Pots brutal regime less than 40 years ago, they are constantly smiling and always looking to have a chat. On a recent trip I found that they love fruit, especially Mangosteens, so if you’re looking to thank your driver or give some kids a treat, stock up on some local fruit.

THE BAMBOO TRAIN is about 20 minutes in a tuk tuk from the little town of Battambang and is one of the worlds truly unique rail journeys. Two metal dumbbell looking tools are placed on the track and then a wooden crate like structure about 2 meters long is placed on top. The driver cranks up the engine and you fly through the Cambodian country side at 30km an hour.

FRESH FRUIT smoothie carts line the roads of Cambodia. From Watermelon and Pineapple to the lesser known Dragon Fruit and Durian, these local food carts are an absolute saviour in the heat. At only $1 a pop, the fresh fruit is mixed with ice and sometimes honey or sweet milk and you’ll have a shake to go within about 2 minutes.

NEW YEAR for many people is an expensive let down but for the Cambodians, it’s the best day of the year. It spans over 4 days with the main event being a huge talcum powder and water fight. Yes, that’s right talcum powder. Around 9pm huge bottles of the stuff begins to appear and the street fight begins. Celebrated around the 13th of April when the harvesting season finishes, its something everyone should experience at least once.

HISTORY lovers and mere travellers will be amazed, shocked and sickened by what has happened only 40 years ago. A visit to the Killing Fields close to Phnom Penh and the S21 Genocide Jail is harrowing, but a must. Pol Pots the former dictator killed over 3 million Cambodians and today we see the effects of a lost generation and their children growing up without parents.

THE FOOD will make you never want to leave. Amok is the traditional coconut curry full of flavour and the freshest of vegetables which is served all over the country. The town of Kep is famous for its Crab markets where they catch and cook them right in front of you. Lastly, Kampot pepper is world renowned, visit the peppercorn fields and hand pick some to take home.

So far this year, lots of famous people have died.  Sadly among them were two of the greatest-ever musical artists. It felt that just as we were getting over the shock of David Bowie dying, Prince then passed away! I numbingly found out the morning after his death via Instagram.  What a shock! Both these artists got me through my childhood and in turn instilled a sense of purpose in me.

I’m lucky as I got to see Prince in concert almost from the front row many years ago.  His talent was almost overwhelming, and I can still remember that night.  Could anyone be so gifted?  His first wife, the beautiful Mayte Garcia was also on the stage; electricity beamed between them both.  Unfortunately, I never got to see David Bowie, but can imagine he must have put on a some show!

From a yogic point a view I feel that both these great artists were truly in their own unique flow. They were plugged into the energy of life: the creative heartbeat of the universe.

They broke down barriers and inspired millions with their music and artistry.


Both their deaths left a sad feeling behind.  What a reminder of how fragile all our lives are. Surely then by knowing this, we should feel inspire to make the best out of ourselves? Prince and Bowie after all both shone the light on the potential magic that is within all souls.  They just knew how to access it to a very high level.

What now for the future? Regrettably it feels like the world’s growing obsession with celebrity may impact the future growth of artists.  To be famous for nothing rather than to be a master of what one loves, feels kind at like missing the point of life.  Where’s the substance in that, and if we don’t want depth than surely is that not just regression?

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of talented and exceptional young artists like Christine and the Queens out there.  However, there are also more and more people getting famous for nothing.

Regardless, I still think it is possible to get some Prince-and-Bowie-like magic in your world.

Here’s how:

1. Don’t wait to be great.  You can be amazing today.  It doesn’t matter what you do, apply the attitude that every action you make is to inspire and progress.  If you sweep the floor,  clean it with greatness.  If you paint a picture, do it with love.

2. Know who you are and what you stand for. Instead of trying to change the world… let’s start changing ourselves.  What is it that you want to deliver in life?  What is your unique message? Own who you are and allow yourself to shine.

3. Ignite your sense of play by enjoying what you do.  See work as play, meaning enjoy it! If you aren’t in your dream job, stop focusing on what you don’t like about it but instead focus on what you do.  Spend ten minutes every morning saying what you are grateful for and proceed this by imagining what you want to deliver.

4.  Stay in tune with the world around you by taking deep breaths instead of shallow ones.  Life is happening now! Having been on a public speaking course recently the first component of being a great speaker was to have energy. Prana, as we call energy in yoga, enters the body through the breath.  We are all here to speak in life so let’s get breathing better!

5. What legacy do you want to leave?  It doesn’t have to big but what would you like the world to remember you by?  Do at least one thing a day to help implement this.  Bowie and Prince didn’t get to be who they were by just dreaming about it.

maxresdefault (2)

We can all be heroes

6. Feel jolly and grateful, iced with humbleness.  David Bowie and Prince despite their talents always looked so grateful being on stage, even later in life when they had nothing left to prove.  Thankfulness goes a long way.

In short, to love and accept yourself completely no matter what perceived flaws and faults you may or may not have is to me the ultimate expression of love.  Let’s dance under the purple rain to that!

In loving memory of Prince and David Bowie.

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Taking note of festivals and cultural appropriation.

In the last 10 years or so, festival fashion has become a bonafide thing. It used to be that people just went out in whatever they did not mind ruining because they would be in a field getting attacked by mud and grass but all that has changed. Now you have to think exactly about what you will be wearing. The idea that you have to dress in a certain way to go to a festival and listen to bands/DJs play music has now reached a level of absurdity with the Coachella cliché. This is probably someone who is covered in metallic flesh tattoos, a plastic flower crown and in dressed in some crochet creation or something quite similar.


It’s the ‘look at me, I’m at a festival’ look and has become a great marketing tool for many fashion brands as a great way to cash in on fast fashion. Brands like ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Free People understand this peacocking and have capitalised on it publishing festival look books and selling their clothes particularly around festival season. In Free People’s case, they have developed a full brand around the boho chic look offering flowing whispy dresses for the care free girl. In reviewing their collection, the dresses are beautiful and make an impact at any event.

It seems that the essence of this festival fashion look that brands develop comes from that idea that one must look effortless in a 60’s flower power manner. It also allows anyone to be creative for a weekend, play dress up and wear something they normally would not. It is particularly nice to see what revellers in a hot and sunny climate have the opportunity to wear at their festivals. However, what people who write about Coachella fashion as the pinnacle of festival fashion tend to forget is that Coachella is held in California and its pretty hot there. Therefore, it does not directly apply to a festival in the middle of Somerset trying to navigate through mud. I am yet to come across a time in the UK when it is perfect to wear a bikini and sandals.


Whilst most of it is quite trivial, there are some aspects of festival fashion that brings out the political and ethnic inconsideration of brands and festival goers. Free People have recently drawn up criticism for its new collection which features headdresses, medicine bags and rain sticks. We have seen many who choose to wear the Native American headdress or Bindis with little consideration for the spiritual and cultural meaning it has to those group of people. This is made worse by brands who choose to also be culturally insensitive when releasing their products to the general public.

It sends out the message that without understanding the meaning and significance of the item, it is reduced to fast fashion that can be worn at festivals. There is small relief in the fact that festival owners are taking notice of this and making moves to put a stop to it. Festivals such as Heavy Montreal, Bass Coast and Osheaga in Canada have imposed a ban on festival goers turning up with the Native American headdress whilst Glastonbury has restricted the sale of the headdress at their festival. It is a move in the right directions and shows the general public the intolerance for cultural insensitivity. Despite this, many continue to wear some sensitive items without acknowledging any such controversy.

So when choosing to be creative and go all out at your choice of festival this year, stick to the staples and…


Denim Cut offs

For any girl, this is the best go to for a festival. They cause the least amount of stress when you are dancing, in the middle of that mosh pit or crowd surfing. Some may disagree because ‘everybody is wearing them’ but they are practical and so denim cut offs are here to stay for female festival goers.


A Sturdy Raincoat

If you are in the UK for any festival, regardless of what time of the year it is, just know it’s going to rain. Whether that may be


Which brings us right on to wellies, the staple for any festival goer. Whether it may be your finest Hunter wellies or just ones you picked up from Primark an hour before you set off, they are necessary unless you really want a severe case of trench foot.


Other people’s cultures

Whether it be a Native American headdress or bindis, it is not your fashion accessory.


White clothes

All the mud and grass in this world, all over you. That’s what will happen. Unless you are Kylie Jenner or in the hospitality/VIP area of course.


Why? Because standing in heels all day is not fun.

Lastly, do take this all with a pinch of salt and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, well, apart from the cultural appropriation.

Try crystal healing when your life feels stuck.

As a child, I remember my mother telling me about the healing power of crystals.  I laughed it off and thought nothing about it until around about five years ago when visiting the British town of Glastonbury.

For those of you who don’t know Glastonbury Town, not to be confused with the festival, is the spiritual capital of Europe.  The streets are full of wonderful hippy shops, and you can find every kind of alternative healing method under the sun in this place.  It also has great crystal shops!

Back then I was single, and my wish was to meet my true love.  A friend of mine suggested getting a crystal and also doing affirmations, daily.   I had nothing to lose so off we went crystal shopping!

My understanding of crystals is that they drawing out the negative energy in the body. I like to think of them as spiritual vacuums.  The science part is that everything is made up of vibrations. Crystals have the ability to harmonise and transform energy into better vibrations.

There is a great book called The Book of Stones which gives in-depth information about every crystal. Surprisingly crystal healing isn’t a new thing; ancient civilizations used it too!

diamonds girl

I purchased a Rose quartz and kept it near me for a few months.  Not long after, I met my long term partner.

I’m not saying it was just the crystal but between the affirmations and the crystals, something shifted. Here are my top three favourite crystals and how they can help:

Rose Quartz

Good for healing a broken heart and attracting love. Try wearing it on a necklace or keeping it by your pillow.


Fantastic for harmonising.   A brilliant one to have on your work desk and in your home as it helps to enhance and purify environments.


I use this one when I need protection, grounding and to release the past. A good exercise is to hold it in your hands so it can suck out any negativity.   Cleanse the stone afterwards in cold water and dry.

Here are just a few of my favourites.  If any of you use crystals, I would love to hear from you!

Veganism is seen as the latest health "fad", but to many vegans, health is a secondary concern and there's plenty of vegan junk food out there.

There isn’t a day which goes by without the latest health claim about some food or other.

Some edible delights “give you cancer”, others mean you can live to be 168 if you eat them by the sack-load – hourly!

Much of the former come from processed animal products – many of the latter are plant foods, so the natural assumption is that we vegans are the ultimate health machines.

I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but it’s very easy to be an unhealthy vegan. I know celebrity after celebrity undertakes a vegan diet to look thin, look young, buy less Botox and gain the ability to stay awake for 16 hours straight, but many of us are simply not all that health conscious – sorry!

I became vegan because I didn’t want to see animals butchered to make my dinner. I didn’t think that nicking a mother hen’s eggs for lunch was a nice thing to do and drinking milk meant for a baby two ton animals is a bit perverse to my mind. So, I grasped an ethical diet with both fists without thinking of any “buy compassion, get health benefits free” offers. In fact, after15 years of veganicity, I am only just beginning to get to grips with the art of cooking from scratch. This is a real pity, because it has severely limited my opportunities of posting pictures of my dinner on social media.

Veganism has exploded over the past decade. Supermarkets haven’t just embraced the vegan market, they’ve grabbed it in their storeroom and had hardcore sex with it – there’s money in “them there vegans”, so with the increasing popularity of a compassionate diet comes a monumental range of processed vegan foods. That’s right, sugar, salt, fat and chemical additives can be piled into our grub with wild abandon – as long as no animals were harmed in the production of the processed gloop that is spewed off the factory line.

Burgers, sausages, fingers, cakes, pies, burritos, chunks, and lumps all have their vegan alternatives packing the freezer at your local health food shop or supermarket – and all offer a quick fix to those modern vegans who dare to have a career, family, or even both. It’s a world of convenience out there and capitalism has been quick to smell the tofu profit. It’s vegan junk food heaven.

And then there’s cake! But not just cake, but biscuits, desserts and ice cream too! Oh yes, there’s plenty of opportunity to get your sugar fix as a vegan. You can give your dentist nightmares until the (unmilked) cows come home with your ethical diet. No animals will be harmed in the production of this tooth decay. The vegan food market really does cater for every taste.

Things have certainly moved on since health shops stocked a lonely brand of soya milk when I started college in the 1980s. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s good think – a great thing, in fact – I love the fact that veganism is taking over the world, it means that more and more animals’ lives are saved, but I also think that there’s nothing wrong with a bit of old-fashion home cooking.

As well as the rise of vegan processed foods, we have seen the march of the vegan cookbook too. So, there’s no excuse for not making your own seitan, vegan mac “cheese” or veggie curry. Many of the recipes are as easy as, well, pie and you get enormous satisfaction from devouring your own creations.

Then there’s the question of ethical shopping. As a compassionate person, I like to stand for human rights as well as animal rights and I’d rather pop a few quid in a market trader’s wallet than shove a few quid into the piles of dosh hoarded by a multi-national corporation. It’s nice to know exactly is in my dinner too.

However, I’m not one to preach. I realise that we all lead busy lives, and not everybody has the luxury of being able to spend half a day in the kitchen, so I accept that processed meals play an important role in the modern vegan’s diet – and, indeed, in making veganism more accessible and desirable to the masses. I just think it’s nice to have an intimate relationship with the food one puts into one’s body, and to do this, you need to know exactly what is in the food you consume.

On the other hand, if you just want to help the animals and don’t give a damn about your health, then there’s plenty of vegan burgers, sweets and crisps out there too.

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Selena is one of the most talked about celebrities in the world -- but how well do you really know her?

Selena Gomez is everywhere, you can’t avoid hearing about her! However, when it comes to little facts about her – e.g where she was born, what her favourite colour is – not many people actually know very much about her. Want to get to know queen Selena better? Here are thirty facts you probably don’t know about her:

1. Selena was born on the 22nd of July 1992 at Glens Falls Hospital in Grand Prairie, Texas.

2. Selena puts salt on her lemons.

3. If Selena wasn’t a singer, she’d be a chef and own her own bakery. 

4. Before Selena’s Facebook account was hacked, her password was ”ilovemyfans92” – how sweet is that!

5. Selena was offered the part of Mitchie in Camp Rock but she declined, and of course her former best friend Demi Lovato took on the role and rocked it!

6. Selena keeps her voice good by drinking olive oil – this is a trick she learned from Kelly Clarkson. 

7. Selena LOVES pickles. IN fact, she loves them so much that she wants to invent pickle flavoured gum!

8. Whenever Selena does an interview, she orders food but then realizes that she can’t eat and talk at the same time, so she ends up staring at her food throughout the entire interview.

9. In school, Selena was voted ”nicest”, which isn’t surprising, she’s super nice!

10. The weirdest things Selena has ever autographed were toilet papers and used band aids! 

11.  Selena’s favourite cartoon is ‘Kim Possible’.

12. Before getting the role of Alex Russo in ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ Selena wasn’t a fan of magic.

13. Selena’s name means ‘moon’ in Greek. 

14. After a long day, Selena loves to watch ‘Friends’ and fall asleep on the couch. 

15. Selena was named after the singer Selena Quintanilla Perez. 

16. Selena was inspired to became an actress by her mother. 

17. The other voices in Selena’s song ”Me & My Girls” are Selena’s best friends.

18. A guy with a big ego is a huge turn off for Selena, but someone who can be honest with her and make her laugh is a big turn on.

19. Selena lost touch with some of her friends when she became famous because they couldn’t handle it and were freaked out by it. 

20. Selena named her 2009 album ”Kiss & Tell” because it was her mother’s favourite song on the album.

21. Selena hates Twitter – of course, she still uses it because it’s a way to connect with her fans, but she rarely uses it. In fact, she’s not the biggest social media fan anyway. 

22. Selena’s favourite colour is green.

23. Selena’s favourite songs on ‘Revival’ are: Same Old Love, Hands To Myself, Camouflage and Good For You. 

24. Selena is a huge Cheryl Cole fan, when she went to London she rushed to the shop to pick up her album as they didn’t sell them in the US. 

25. Selena’s mother gave birth to Selena when she was 16.

26. Selena has two sisters, Gracie Elliot Teefey and Tori Gomez. 

27. Whilst filming ”Spring Breakers” Selena had to be taught how to smoke because she didn’t know.

28. Selena stood up to her former best friend Demi Lovato’s bullies when they were little, she was the only one who stood up for her. 

29. When Selena saw her first tweet from a hater, she cried for hours.

30. Selena loves horror movies and would love to be in one – she also loves to be scared, too! She loves anything scary. 

You see, other than her weird taste in food SelGo is just a regular person!

Spreading the message of veganism online is a passion most modern vegans share. But what is the best way of getting our message across so that people don't just ignore us?

“I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall,” said every vegan ever that has talked about veganism, blogged about veganism, or even read about veganism. Study after study informs us that vegans are fitter, healthier, live longer and have better sex lives. So why are they still ridiculed? Why does the message go unheard?

Maybe people have something to be scared of? We mock what we’re afraid of after all. But most vegans wield nothing more dangerous than a jar of hummus and a packet of carrot sticks – and carrots are useless for stabbing people to death with, or so I’ve heard – so there really is no reason to be afraid. Seriously, getting the message across is hard work, even in the days of social media.

Posts are often ignored or mocked, and the old arguments about animals being made of meat drive vegans to distraction on a daily basis. So what are our weapons of propaganda? The graphic video. Many vegans love to post pictures of slaughter houses and barbaric cruelty. Shock tactics have also appeared on leaflets at demonstrations across the globe for decades.

The problem is, unlike on the High Street, there really is somewhere to hide online. Scroll on is the typical attitude as more and more of us take control of what we actually see on social media. Also, the graphic approach is often seen as extreme (slaughter isn’t extreme?) and therefore perpetuates the stereotype that vegans are extreme.

Personally, I’m just a cow hugger. The healthy diet approach. Going for the positive sell really does work. Veganism is cheaper, healthier and makes you think about what you eat. Cooking can even be fun again. The fact that vegans enjoy a higher sex drive should be a hard (no pun intended) enough sell anyway. Some vegans sniff at this approach because it “ignores the animals”. This maybe true, but the end result is the same – animals’ lives are still saved and that’s all that matters really.  

The environmental approach. A vegan diet takes up less land, less water and produces less carbon emissions. Raising animals for food takes us swathes of land, gallons of water and tonnes of feed. Saying that it doesn’t matter if you don’t drive a car if you still eat meat is a really powerful argument and a real incentive on its own. I, personally can’t see why the Green Party is yet to officially endorse veganism. Again, this approach doesn’t mention animal suffering, but if we get people to eat less meat and then no meat then that has a positive effect on the animal kingdom.

Also, people are likely to research veganism more once the softly softly approach has sparked an interest in compassionate living. There is a belief that if we bang on about something enough then people will start to notice. The counter view to that is if we harp on about something too much all our friends abandon us. None of us want a friendless Facebook page or a Twitter account with zero followers. The truth is that people do sometimes get turned off by the message, but I’m sure a little bit of what we say does get through.

I like to think positive and believe that if just one person hears what we say then it’s worth saying.

Freshen up you yoga routine with this butt shaping spring awaking routine!

Spring feels like it is finally here!  So as we pack away our winter coats and possibly give our sun-starved skin the first glimpse of rays, this is a good time to start a spring-body-sculpting yoga routine.

As well as toning your body into a healthy shape, this routine will help you also feel a deep sense of renewal, revitalisation, and accomplishment.   The plus side is that I find it can also tone the butt.

As with all forms of exercise always check with your doctor for suitability and exercise at your own risk.

1. Revitalising breath

Though practising an old yoga breathing technique known as Kabalbati, we can cleanse the lungs, giving them that spring cleaned feeling! This form of breathing also helps to let go of unwanted emotions.  Out with the old and in with the new!

Method: Sit up tall, and relax the face and jaw. Inhale through the nostrils, exhale, inhale and now as you exhale, begin a soft pumping action from just below the navel. So as you exhale, you draw in the belly, and the lungs are emptied. If you are doing this right, the inhalation will occur naturally as you focus on the exhalation.

Do this for a mental count of between 15- 25 with the eyes closed, and between each set take a few deep breaths. Repeat this for several times and build up the time gradually. If you are menstruating or pregnant, please avoid.

2.Warm up with sun salutations- they tone the body a treat!

Stand up tall with your hands by your side. Inhale and bring your hands together in front of the chest, and exhale.
Feet balanced hip width apart.

Next, inhale through the nose as you lift the arms up, making sure that the belly is engaged, and the neck is level.  No rounded shoulders! Relax the forehead as you look up.

Next, exhale as you bend forward and aim to bring the hands to the floor.  It is okay to bend the legs if you can’t reach. Let the head and body surrender from the hips as you extend from the feet up.  Make sure you are even on both sides of the body.

Inhale, now depending on your flexibility either lean gently on your fingertips and look forward or bring the hands to the shins. No hunched backs!  This can be corrected by lifting the chest.

Next, bend legs so you can bring the hands to the floor and now extend just the right leg back into a yoga lunge.

Now bring the left leg back to join the other one, so you are now in a plank.

Follow this with an exhale as you bend your elbows, knees, chest and chin down onto the ground.

With an inhalation come into cobra pose. This is done by bending the arms and placing the hands on the ground in line with the shoulders. At the same time, you need to lift the chest towards the sky.

Exhale, coming into downward dog, which is formed by making a triangle shape with the body.  Hands should be on the ground, but it is fine if the heels can’t reach. Hold for 6 Breaths.

On the final breath, step the right foot forward between the hands so that you come into another yoga lunge.

On the exhalation bring the left leg next to the right so that you are now in a standing forward bend.

Inhale, bring the arms up over the head, and as you exhale, bring the palms by your side.

Repeat the sequence on the other side. Do five to ten times on both.

3. Kundalini frogs

Great for the butt and legs. They also get the heart rate up.

Come into a squatting pose on the floor with your feet apart. Make sure the knees are facing the same way as the feet as this protects them.

Have fingertips touching the floor so the arms are on the inside and straight. Look forward or up.

Exhale, straighten your legs as best you can as you look towards he knees.  The heals will go towards the ground.

Do 5 to 100 but remember to build up time slowly.

4. Superman pose- or super butt toner as I call it!

Lie on your front with you arms extended in front of you.  Inhale and lift the legs and arms off the floor as if you were Superman flying through the sky.  Hold for 5 breaths and repeat.

Super Hero

5. Horse stance- butt-fantastic!

Stand with the legs about a leg distance apart; legs bent with knees facing the same direction as feet. Make sure you aren’t sticking the butt out.  Next, extend the arms out in front of you as you pretend you are sitting on a horse.  Hold for 5- 10 breaths and repeat.

6.If you are well practised and already know the headstand and shoulder stand, then end the sequence with a few minutes in both before coming into final relaxation.

 Never attempt either pose until adept without the supervision of a yoga teacher and avoid if pregnant or menstruating.  Both poses are great for the circulation.  I call these poses nature’s botox!

The rest of you come straight into Savansa- final relaxation by resting on your back. Never skip this pose as this is when the nervous system rebalances and you reap the rewards of your efforts.

Remember, spring is all about movement!

Let me know how you get on.

Ever had a bad day? Turn it around into a better one!

Have you ever woke up already feeling as if you are going to have a difficult day? It all started when you thought you had hit the snooze button on your alarm clock but hadn’t.

A late start, you spill your tea, then get half way to the station before your realise you have forgotten your pass for the office, and then due to the slowest walker in the world, you just miss your train. Already you feel as if the day has been long enough.

The trouble is once we decide we are going to have a bad day it is pretty hard to get out of it.  The key is to be more conscious and less reactive.

When the start of our day begins with an emotional charge like that of feeling like a victim it can make us feel as if we are the last soul alive. Instead of feeling nurtured and supported we feel bullied by circumstance.

The saying, what’s the matter, did you get out the wrong side of the bed, just feels like salt going to an already painful wound.

Fear not, believe it or not, you can prepare to minimise this happening again.  You are going to have to make a little bit of effort to do, but you can do it!

According to some holistic philosophies, when we wake up our protective mind is the first to kick in.  We have this mind to protect us from danger and to help preserve our life.  If out of balance it can turn something as routine as waking up into a chore.

In this modern world where there are seldom wild animals like our ancestors had to fight, we have instead our inner beasts to tame.

To help have fewer bad days here are my top tips.

  • What are you doing before you go to sleep? Half an hour or more before you go to bed don’t watch anything online, no TV, use your phone, computer or anything that is going to take your nervous system into the fight and flight mode.  Instead, come into a relaxed state by adopting something holistic.  Ideas are:  meditating, listen to calming music, hypnotherapy, chanting mantras/prayers/ affirmations, reading inspiring books or by observing your breath. Try this and you will awake in a better frame of mind.
  • Instead of crawling our of bed at the last possible minute, get up earlier.  Have the mental attitude that you are getting up to prepare for your day:  again try meditation, write a journal on waking. Go for a run, swim.  Keeping a positive affirmation book by your bed so that you can look at that as soon as you open your eyes is a good thing to do.
  • If you are in a middle of a bad day, instead of focusing on what is going wrong, try and think of at least one thing you are grateful for.  It helps for the more positive things you think about, the less focus on the negative ones.
  • Another tip is to make sure you are breathing correctly.  Shallow breathing equals anxiety, and if you are having a bad day you already have enough of that!

I say this often, if something unexpected happens, don’t let that set precedence.  Life is always going to have straight roads, bumps, and bends.  Let holistic mindfulness be your roadmap, as you set out on your adventure of a new day.  Life is a gift after all.

Let me know any ideas you may have on how to have a good day.

Rumours have emerged that NBA player Nick Young has cheated on fiancée, Rapper and songwriter Iggy Azalea with a 19-year-old.

Iggy Azalea, real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly, aged 25 has rubbished claims that fiancée NBA basketball player Nick Young, aged 30 has cheated on her. Speaking to Ellen De Generes, on ‘The Ellen De Generes’ show, Azalea was quick to defend her relationship with Young.

She told Ellen how she is used to hearing negative and nasty rumours on the internet.  But the rapper seems to have come back fighting, dismissing claims that the rumours of her fiancée cheating on her is totally untrue.

According to Iggy Azalea, in her interview with Ellen, the rumours were completely made up by trolls: “Theres this really weird place on the internet where, we call them trolls… there’s a lot of people that take joy in saying really awful things to people so I got a lot of that”.

People also picked up on the fact that she may have had plastic surgery. Azalea was quick to defend herself again, telling Ellen: “I’m very happy with it! There was nothing wrong with me but I think it’s a personal choice and anybody should be able to make an informed decision. If you want to change something that’s up to you’.

The above picture shows the loved-up couple taking a ‘selfie’ together in bed. She also admitted on Ellen that the very famour and popular singer Britney Spear didn’t even recognise her. Azalea mentioned that the singers had not met each other before their hit collaboration ‘Pretty Girl’s’ which was Britney’s comback single.

Azalea even invited the pop star to her house for lunch, she revealed in her interview: “So I invited her to my house  for lunch and it was her first time coming over and everybody always thinks I’m like this crazy wild child rapper so she sent her guys to come check out that it was all kosher at my house!” The rapper seems to have a strong sense of humour too!