Wiseproof’s More More More More music video

Wiseproof’s More More More More music video

Miami based veteran rapper Wiseproof has earned a reputation for his dynamic live shows and exhilarating performances so many have been waiting for something visual from him since his More More More More single release.

Now they have it in the shape of his More More More More music video now available to view on YouTube. The message conveyed in his lyrics are about the feeling of discontent and the desire for more in a world obsessed with consumption, and the video gives you that sense as Wiseproof cavorts around with fancy cars and hot women.

The video is brought to us by Lux Nexus Productions and actually takes the song to a different level with glossier visuals and a narrative that not only mirrors the essence of the song but also explores it further with a psychedelic, philosophical music video. The Miami based rapper spits rapid fire over a fusion of EDM, Trance, Trap and Trip Hop. His brand of rap and delivery is unique and comes across better when heard alongside a visual representation.

Wiseproof is not only energetic and exciting, he is also a wordsmith who fuses complex rhythms with a message with deeper meaning. Let’s not forget that he has come from rough upbringings to opening shows for the likes of Kanye West. Wiseproof is an innovative representation of positivity.

More More More More will be included on the Trapadelic’ EP, which is┬áplanned for release late spring to early summer 2016.

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