Beyonce’s drops sweet “Lemonade”

Beyonce’s drops sweet “Lemonade”

A look into Beyonce's secretive album

It’s 1am, I am sat at my computer doing some random eBay bidding and Facebook judging. From the right hand side of me, some sounds are beautifully making their way into my ears…the sound is that of Beyonce and her new “Lemonade” album.

Queen Bey has been teasing many of us with her eagerly anticipated album that has also been turned into a creative masterpiece with the visual album that role plays through the songs into a video rolling over an hour long!

There is a tiny little catch though. Tidal is the only streaming site that it is available on (surprisingly a site hugely supported by Jay-Z) but if you hurry, they are offering a hand snatching deal of 90 days free streaming and downloads to celebrate the release of Beyonce’s new album. Now I only found this offer signing up on a computer/laptop where you get 90 days then it is £9.99 a month. If you download the app on a handheld device (I did it on an iPhone) it doesn’t show the above offer and only gives you  the choice of 30 days free and then £12 for premium or £25.99 for the HiFi subscription so please be cautious when signing up and try to do it at a desktop or laptop.

Now after some money saving advice let me take you back to the subject of Beyonce’s new art. The album has many different options, you can watch the hour long visual version, listen to the explicit version or the clean one…I am currently streaming the explicit because who doesn’t like a little naughtiness in their ears every now and then?! I have had a flick through the visual option and from what I’ve seen the video has been created amazingly giving each track its own scene and feel, yet smoothly incorporating it all together in this rollercoaster of a story.

It is not what you would normally expect from Beyonce, the story follows a woman (who we are all believing is her) on her journey and things that are important about life. It is very, very personal and at times very angry and dark but there is also some beautifully crafted, inspirational and strengthening lyrics across the album as well. From my personal opinion (and many other media reporters) this seems as her way of blasting out her version and side of all these infidelity rumours regarding her husband Jay-Z and from what it seems he has made some mistakes impacting their relationship, but it does then go on further in the album expressing their strength as a family etc. Believe me, this is a journey you are going to want to take. The album also seems to involve references to the Black Lives Matter campaign showing again Beyonce’s passion to want the world to be a better place. She also has a song about the father of the woman in this story again making it quite clear she is singing about her own dad.

I can’t say too much about the content as there is an obvious reason to have the album exclusively on one streaming site and that is to keep its secrecy and exclusiveness to its members. All I can say is that the album is worth every second it takes to sign up. The visual story is very interesting to watch and quite hard to stop watching so make sure you have a good spare hour before deciding to dive into it! I love the fact there is two separate albums (explicit and clean) as Beyonce has many young fans this is a brilliant safe way of them listening to the album without parents worrying about bad language. There are songs for every single mood you could be in from angry and frustrated to chilled and relaxed, it really is a breathtaking piece of art that has been created by her.

I have never really connected or been fully interested in Beyonce’s music (apart from as a young boy crushing on her during the Destiny Child days!). I have never been a single lady waiting for someone to stick a ring on me and I definitely know what it is like to be a boy, so I think this is why I haven’t taken to her as much as I suppose a lot of women would. This album though can grab at everyone, wether it be about family, society or relationships there is something to give most people a reason to want to hear this album. Plus Kendrick Lamar features in a pretty funky and fresh sounding track.

Believe what I am saying, trust my initial judgment, take my advice and sign up today to Tidal and let Lemonade start pouring into your ears and through your eyes because it is hands down brilliance. The only downside is the fact I have listened to the album before my partner who is going to see Beyonce in June and is a crazy member of the Bey Hive (Beyonce’s fan group) , so I am expecting some backlash when she reads this. Sorry Chantelle.


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