Music Video: Ajay Mathurs – Nothing Really Matters

Music Video: Ajay Mathurs – Nothing Really Matters

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Nothing Really Matters is an emotionally compelling single from Swiss musician Ajay Mathurs, taken from his second full-length album 9 to 3. The track has also been accompanied with a deep and disturbing (or deeply disturbing) music video which aims to take you to a raw and emotional place.

The video itself is a series of unsettling images, taken by photo artist Raffaella Bachmann, that are not attached, however, work extremely well together to create an atmosphere and act as a perfect visual manifestation of the track and the message within the music. There is a sense that there is a lack of colour in the world Mathurs is trying to portray as the monochrome palette conveys a greyness of emotion.

The song is about transformation and no longer being recognised as the thing that stood before. Mathurs opens the track in a husky voice that feels as if it has lived this situation or been on a journey of self discovery. His vocal whines and wails along the slow-moving jangling guitar riff, as the pain  and experience is exerted through his words.

Mathurs musical style is steeped in Americana and those interested in the likes of Jackson Browne or Bob Dylan would feel more at home here. What is the more impressive is that Nothing Really Matters has been officially nominated for a Grammy Award 2017 in the category of Best Rock Song.

Watch the video for Nothing Really Matters taken from the 9 to 3 album below:

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