Meet Cleveland state Vikings’ Gavin Peppers

Meet Cleveland state Vikings’ Gavin Peppers

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After he swaps Laramie county for the Cleveland state vikings basketball team.

Before your first transfer, you had a stint with Laramie County CC basketball team. Looking back, how would you describe your experience?

My experience at that club was great. The coaches there were phenomenal, especially Coach Ficca and Coach Saulsberry. They helped me out tremendously, they trusted in me to lead the team and just play my game. I bonded with a lot of my teammates and I will keep in touch with them for the rest of my life. Also, I was able to receive my associates degree during that period, so the academic side of it was good as well. LCCC was a blessing to me and I think God put me there to show all my talents and lead the team which I always wasn’t able to show.

How did it feel when you were notified about your transfer to Cleveland State?

It felt good. I had been in contact with them since the middle of the season and I built a great bond with the assistant coach, Coach Henderson. He came all the way out to Wyoming from Cleveland and that’s when I knew they were very serious.Then on my visit, I met Coach Gary Waters the Head Coach. He and I connected right away and he’s a great coach that did a lot in his time as a coach and his track record is amazing. He coached a lot of guards that are now professionals in the NBA and overseas. Surely, that was something that played into my decision to join my new team. He is also very religious and I am as well, I’ve never had a coach who is so open about his relationship with God and I like that a lot.

You are originally from Washington, how would you recount growing up there?

Growing up in Washington DC was great. It’s a great city and I think the best ballers come out of the DMV area. Growing up, the basketball game was very competitive in the area and if you wanted to be good, you had to work hard because everyone can play. The schools out there are good too and the competition in the classroom is fierce, which is a good thing academically. I think DC is all about grinding (working hard), everyone in the area works hard for everything they own. So, growing up all you see is hard work.

Speaking of growing up, which basketball player would you say inspired you the most?

It was definitely Michael Jordan. I used to watch his tapes before I could walk. According to my mom, I would cry or get upset if she tuned the Tv to a different channel, i would throw a fit till it was returned to NBA. I was literally glued to the TV the whole time and if I could afford his shoes too, I would buy them too at the time. I think he is the greatest of all time.

How would you compare the game today to what it was in the past. In terms of the style of play and the pace of the game?

I think the game has definitely evolved. Back in the days, it was more physical and I think it wasn’t as fast paced. Now it’s very fast and they shoot a lot more three pointers now. I think scoring guards are almost a must now, every point guard has to be a threat and be a able to score. The best teams, have the best scoring guards. I think right now, it’s a guards game.

How do you prepare for a game and food before a game?

I don’t have a certain food I like to eat before the game, I just eat something light. I also listen to music and I pray and read my favourite bible verse before every game.

You are obviously an African american, do you have an idea of your ancestry?

My family and I have tried to trace it back, my mom found out that we are originally from Jamaica and we still have family back there.

Have you ever seen an English premier league match and what other sports are you into?

No, I have never seen the English premiership, so I guess I have to check it out. But I do like football and I played the game growing up. I would have kept on playing but my coach made me choose, so I picked my first love which is basketball.

Any advice for young aspiring athletes?

My advice to young athletes is to keep God first in their life and keep their family close as well. I would also tell them to work hard and stay in the gym. If you want to be the best, you have to work the hardest on your team. I would also say that it’s key to have a lot of confidence in yourself. You have to believe that you are the best and you will play like it. Pray hard, work hard and believe in yourself.

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