Tea and tears: The taste of afternoon tea and loneliness

Tea and tears: The taste of afternoon tea and loneliness

Afternoon tea for two but minus that special someone

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I remember looking for a stimulating hunger and thirst fix to quench my appetite and desire for afternoon tea on that busy and packed mundane week day afternoon. In between the foreign exchange students and tourists too self-adsorbed to notice the impatient Londoner huffing and puffing behind their tediously slow steps as they take in the same sights I have seen literally a million times before was a determined Londoner on a mission.

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But on that beautifully unclouded day as the sun pokes up from behind the backdrop of office blocks and skyscrapers, the taste of unsweetened loneliness would pour from the vessel of the teapot like tears running down my cheek.

Loneliness, that haunting feeling that has eerily followed me like an unwanted tumour attached to my bleeding heart, that particular day I vividly remember feeling the overwhelming sensation of lonesomeness, so physically powerful I felt suffocated and utterly lost for breath as I sipped deliciously sweet tea among the beautiful surroundings of the elegance of the Haymarket Hotel. Each gulp and sip left an echo in the empty dust filled corridors of my heart.

The loneliness was so palpable I could physically touch it, hear it, sense it and eat it as crumbs awkwardly left my mouth and littered the polished marble floor. I hurriedly wiped away the fallen crumbs away from my lap so the handsome and smartly dressed waiters didn’t notice and think to themselves what a stupidly pathetic messy eater I was. I felt socially awkward enough as it was, having afternoon tea alone as they take away the china cutlery painted with butterfly’s and flowers while I quietly sip on the last remains of the sweet-smelling and harmonious tea.

Eating finely cut cucumber sandwiches and delicious plain scones freshly covered in cream as I distantly look to the empty space on the white leather sofa I am perched on and feel a little bit saddened, amongst the picturesque and scenic wonderment of this fine establishment as the faint and alluring sound of relaxing jazz music melts and soothes my mind, it would be even more special if I had someone to share this moment with, but alas i am alone.

As the last ounces of tea pours from the magnificent and exquisite teapot my heart weeps inside a little, how nice it would be to share tenderly decorated cakes and sweetened tea with another, as I sip on this delightful cup of tea alone.