What is love? And why does it seem so out of reach?

What is love? And why does it seem so out of reach?

http://www.visiteday.com/?english-phd-thesis-online English Phd Thesis Online Is love a reality or merely just an illusion?

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Love, it’s always something that has felt unobtainable and out of reach, as soon as I think I have it in my grasp, it slides through the cracks of my fingers and eludes me. What is love? And why do I put it on a pedestal? Why do I think it’s going to save me? Save me from what? Me? Do I even need saving at all?

So what is love exactly? And why do I feel the urge and need to have it in my life so badly? Is it that strong feeling of affection that I crave? Do I need to feel validated from anther to feel any sense of worth?

Beginning Writers Lined Paper Is it the tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment, devotion and adoration that I so desperately seek? Or is love merely just a feeling of weakness? Idolization and worship disguised as infatuation and the promise of keeps. Are those butterflies in my stomach really a warm fuzzy feeling? Or are bumble bees hovering around In my bowls, stinging and leaving me in agony and pain.

http://vedos.samk.fi/?gre-essay-writing Gre Essay Writing I thought I was in love before but sometimes lust and love can be torn from the same cloth, both give you that sensational high but ultimately brings you crashing down to reality.

Jealously, insecurity, paranoia, inadequately, these are all feelings that come along with love like a tumor attached to my brain. But each time I open myself up, I am always ready for the consequences.

Dissertation Jose Gamboa Cavazos But regardless of what love is and what it may ultimately do to me, I know I want it, and I want it really badly.

Berkeley Dissertation Committee I know that somebody will love me for who you I am. Even though I may not feel it at this exact moment in time, somebody will truly love me for me, I have to believe that.

They will embrace and accept all my many, many flaws, imperfections and insecurities and even when I get anxious and clingy, they will re-insure me and make me feel secure.

I will never be able to text them too much, because they will love receiving messages from me, even when its 2am at night, seeing my name pop up will put a smile on their face.

They won’t play games and they won’t tell lies to my heart. They will be truthful and honest as can be, without ever intentionally hurting me.

A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig Elia They won’t have wandering eyes and they won’t talk about their ex’s. They won’t make me feel worthless because they will build me up and help me achieve my best.

They will spoon me from behind when I am sleeping, and will still be in their arms when I wake up. They will greet me with a morning kiss and snuggles and tell me how much I mean to them.

They will hold my hands in public and walk with me side by side, laughing and smiling and love being in my socially awkward company.

They will introduce me to their family and friends, because they proudly want to show me off, they want to make a life with me, build a future and make a pact, together forever, till death do us part, they know in their heart that together we are soul mates.

Live Chat Homework Help They will share with me their deepest feelings and trust me with their inner most secrets and desires, and I’ll be able to trust with them my heart, because they would never dishonour me.

They know no matter how tough things get, there will never be another me, it won’t be easy, it will be tough, but they know that no matter what, the both of us are truly meant to be.

I will never be able to say ‘I love you’ too much, because too much ‘’I love you’s’’ is never quite enough.

In Home Work So what is love? Is it merely just a concept constructed by society to keep us within means and shackled? Is it a conformist device to promote the sanctity of marriage and unity within a community? Is it just the promotion of the white picket fence family, encouraging reproductive and conformist thinking? Or is it a chemical reaction that is undefined and unexplained? Biologically a powerful neurological condition like hunger or thirst, do we need it? What are we without it?

Will it save me? Will the love of another complete me? Or do I just need to learn to love myself and complete me myself, before I can let somebody else in. Love, such a funny and peculiar feeling, yet i still impatiently wait and yearn for it. But for now it seems merely just an illusion that is forever out of reach yet forever on my mind.


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