The vegan all-star band

The vegan all-star band

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Vegan celebrities are always making the news, so I thought it's be fun to create my fantasy vegan supergroup.

Much is written about famous vegans and lists of compassionate stars are used to promote the lifestyle on social media almost daily.

What To Write My College Essay On For this reason, I have so far shied away from writing a blog about them. After all, I’m a punk rocker and I don’t need Hollywood stars to influence my life thinking. Seriously though, we live in a celebrity-obsessed world, therefore it’s impossible to ignore the effect the words of the famous have on people – Peta centre most of their campaigns around celebrities after all.

Custom Environmental Term Paper Asbestos I think, it would be foolhardy to dismiss the influence celebrities have over people and ignore the fact that, however much one may personally despise it, celebrity culture is a huge part of mainstream media in the 21st century and if we are going to promote veganism properly then we need to embrace the mainstream media – at least to an extent.

One of the dangers, of course, is the “are they, aren’t they” debate. I’ve seen some quite heated exchanges on social media over whether or not so and so is actually vegan. That’s quite a silly argument if you think about it – either someone is vegan or they’re not, but it does highlight the ludicrous nature of the social media world.

Uk Buy Essay Personally, I’m a huge music fan, and the animal rights themes in lyrics by bands such as Conflict, Goldfinger and Propaghandi are hugely influential. So, I thought I’d put together my own virtual vegan band – trying, where possible, to use musicians who are definitely vegan and who most people know. I could just cheat of course and say Moby, because he is a multi- instrumentalist and outspoken vegan who opened his own vegan restaurant. His albums are all classics in their own right too – and I urge everyone to check out the essay he wrote for the booklet of his Animal Rights album.

However, I’m not a cheat, so here’s my full (and sadly Moby-less) vegan band.

Drummer – Travis Barker. He found fame as the drummer for Blink 182, and although I’m not a fan of that band, I do like some of his side projects. A vegetarian since the age of 17, he ate meat for a short while following the plane crash which almost took his life, but he became vegan around nine or 10 years ago. He’s a great drummer too. Literary Analysis Essay Night Elie Wiesel Bass player – Tony Knal. No Doubt’s bassist has stated that he is “vegan for the animals” and, as well as being involved in Peta campaigns, fills his social media posts with animal rights-related posts. The fact he is in a ska-driven pop rock band means his bass skills are pretty awesome too.

Keyboard player – Stevie Wonder. OK, he’s known more as a traditional piano player, but as a vegan musician he has to be on the list really. Who would not want to jam with Stevie Wonder? He was shown singing about going vegan in a famous clip from The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Guitarist – Bryan Adams. Bryan would be pretty great as far as background vocals go too. He has been vegan for more than 20 years and an active animal rights campaigner too. Paper On Leadership Second guitarist – Phil Collen. The Def Leppard man has compared a meat-eater’s fridge to Jeffrey Dahmer’s fridge. Watch an interview with him online, he pulls no punches when it comes to being vegan for ethical reasons – so much so that I had to have him in my band. Essay Write Letter Friend Vocals – Rob Zombie and Morrissey. I want two singers in my band because they are both awesome vegans. The first because I’m a huge fan of both his music (especially White Zombie) and his films and the second because he is so blunt, controversial and outspoken when it comes to animal rights. Morrissey even demands that venues go meat-free when he performs.

That has to be an interesting super-group right?