Bad Reed ‘Punch It’ with new video

Bad Reed ‘Punch It’ with new video

Bad Reed are an alternative rock band newly formed in 2015 and hailing from Canada. Consisting of Costa Chatzis on percussion, Austin Sharpe on bass, Sydney Sollazzo vocals and keyboards, and Graham Walker on guitars, the band have been likened to the likes of Alt-J, Jack White, Heart, Alabama Shakes, A Perfect Circle, to name but a few.

Their new single Punch It taken from their Black Reed EP is an atmospheric sledgehammer, slowly being wielded to create something deliciously edible. Punch It showcases strong songwriting as Sollazzo puts her point across with the refrain “And now we see” as the track trudges along with swooping keys, jangly guitars and a drum beat that compliments a progressing bass lick.  As the songs progress each instrument becomes more expressive, especially as Walker begins to shred his guitar. There is a definite journey here.

The rest of the EP consists of Slackjaw Romance and Cassava. The former is a slow burning ode of sorts that embodies Morrissey lyrical traits. Singer Sollazzo swoons “All I need is a little love and affection, my sanity”, and the track on a whole gives a sense of relaxation. The latter track takes the pace up a notch in an unorthodox waltz-like drumming time sequence. This makes it interesting and there are bridges attached to verses that are unexpected, and the second half of the tune is even more enjoyable than the first.

All in all Punch It is a good single and the Black Reed EP on a whole is a decent offering. It will be interesting to see how this band progresses. If you’re into Alternative Rock, Blues, Soul and Prog you might want to give them a try.


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