Watch Bitter’s Kiss ‘No One Will’ music video

Watch Bitter’s Kiss ‘No One Will’ music video

Bitter’s Kiss are an Indie Pop outfit hailing from New Jersey but have a very much British sound akin to the likes of Sixpence None the Richer. Acting mainly as a vehicle for singer songwriter Chloe Baker, the project has released the new single and video No One Will.

Baker’s Celtic-like vocal tones and easy listening music have helped her grab the attention of many listeners, there is quite a substantial amount of industry buzz surrounding her already. Match that with the fact that she is youthful and somewhat beautiful, you can easily see a bright future and a star in the making. She attends High Tech arts academy in New Jersey and has already had experience in musical theatre so sounds seasoned and feels authentic for someone so young.

No One Will is light and pretty, built off simple acoustic chord play and gentle drums, the song lands like a feather on a sunny spring evening. The refrain “no one will” conveys a sense of determination and you feel that is very much the attitude behind this act – there is an understandable confidence and determination for this to become successful.

The video itself is shot in Cork, Ireland and emphasises that folk sound extremely well. She does spend a lot of it on the floor though. Check it out and look out for her debut album entitled Bitter’s Kiss.

No One Will is out now!

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Bitter's Kiss - No One Will
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