The Blue Danes are Invisible and Untouchable in debut album

The Blue Danes are Invisible and Untouchable in debut album

Iowa based group The Blue Danes were forged from the remains of the breakup of former Alternative Rock band Toast. As often happens in music, a new band was formed, merged from the ashes of the last, when ex-bassist Shaun Courbat and ex-guitarist Frank Hansen decided to pair up with veteran drummer Skip Lowe.

The Blue Danes’ debut album, Invisible and Untouchable, is now available to the wider public and has been released on Chicago’s Loki Valhalla Productions record label. A notable fact is that the album is produced by Grammy nominated producer Tom Tatman of Stone Sour fame. The music itself is interesting in the way it blends Britpop, Americana, Indie-Rock, Alt-Rock and New Wave with piano lines and string arrangements. The result is a complex soundscape which is sure to grab your attention in on way or another.

One of the main draws of the band is the performance from lead singer and songwriter Frank Hansen. His hauntingly lyrical displays and melancholic melodies really come to the forefront, especially in tracks Fade, Hurricane and the lead single Beautiful and Sad. In the latter you can really get a taste of Hansen’s quirky performance quality in the music video whist he parades before the camera menacingly sounding like the great John Grant.

There is currently a buzz around The Blue Danes due to them being compared to the likes of Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen and the Velvet Underground. Listening to this album you could easily add Queens of the Stone Age and Interpol to that list due to the attitude and snarl the band exhibit.

Invisible and Untouchable by The Blue Danes is available and out not. Watch the music video for Beautiful and Sad below:

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