Both running mates revealed for presidential battle

Both running mates revealed for presidential battle

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After months of speculation America received their vice presidential nominees.

Get Your Essay Done First, Donald Trump the Republican presidential nominee told the world on Twitter who he chose. The winner was Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, who is a really conservative Republican politician. Pence was also working as a member of the Federal Legislation for more than a decade.

Best Writing Services In The Uk The candidate accepted his nomination at the National Convention, where he gave a speech in order to win more people over for Trump. It seems that the voters are satisfied with Trumps decision because they welcomed Pence with the exclamation: “We love Mike!”

Pence started with a personal story about how he grew up in a poor Irish family. He also showed off his mother, for who the entire hall started applauding. And after they got on their feet and cheered for Pence.

After winning the voters sympathy, he started to “compliment” Trump. He said he brought millions of votes to the Republican party, and he is a charismatic and colourful person. He touched on all the major themes — the economy, shaking up Washington and Trump being an outsider.

Paul Ryan, House Speaker, also supported Trump’s choice: “We need to send him and Trump straight to the White House” he said.

Application Essays How To Now, the Vice Presidental nominee’s most important task is to make the Republican Party a friend of Donald Trump. There is only one thing that is universal in the party: the hate of Hilary Clinton.

Professional Essay Writers In Toronto By the way, Hillary Clinton also announced who she chose to be her VP: Tim Kaine, Senator of Virginia. Clinton tweeted her decision, just like Trump. She introduced running mate Tim Kaine as “a progressive who likes to get things done”. Clinton said Kaine cares more about making a difference than making headlines, “everything that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are not.”

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According to Reuters, Kaine is a good choice for independents, but Clinton’s liberal voters do not agree with her choice. Kaine also has a particularly powerful backer: President Barack Obama, who advised Clinton’s campaign during the selection process that Kaine would be a strong choice. Before entering politics, Kaine was an attorney who specialised in civil rights and fair housing. Kaine had a big part in an Asian trade agreement, which caused many American’s to lose their jobs. The question of unemployment was always a great shot for Trump to attack Clinton, and this does not help her.

Bernie Sanders, the Jewish Democratic candidate is not satisfied with Kaine. Sanders said that he and Kaine do not always share ideological views: “His political views are not my political views. He is more conservative than I am.” His supporters had hoped that Clinton would choose more of a liberal politican as her running mate.