Music review: Chameleon Technology – Blank Canvas EP

Music review: Chameleon Technology – Blank Canvas EP

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Max Histrionic is the Californian one man band and the identity behind the musical project that is Chameleon Technology.  He is responsible for the ‘ChamTech’ entity that has become known for its live multimedia experience, a one man show that wows the audience. Literature Essay Papers

It has been six years since Histrionic created Chameleon Technology, releasing a five sone EP, entitled Aquatic, before going on to cut his gib playing drums for various local bands. During this time Histrionic was able to write a number of micro anthems which would go on to make up Chameleon Technology’s self titled debut album.

Thus, the realisation of a live show which involved high-quality audio of real bass and drums synced with live action video of Histrionic performing both instruments which were then projected next to him playing guitar and singing live came to be.  It is truly a spectacle that needs to be witnessed to be believed.

Chameleon Technology has now released a new EP, entitled Blank Canvas, which sees Histrionic venturing into darker, personal and socially aware lyrical themes with aggressive punk, metal and industrial music. Blank Canvas sets ChamTech apart from its earlier iterations, as the song writing has developed
into more progressive, rich and lyrically-aware pieces.

Stream the Blank Canvas EP below: Primary Homework Help World War Two

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