Totemic – Continuous Cycle EP

Totemic – Continuous Cycle EP

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It was only back in May when we showcased the unique act of Totemic, when the DJ violinist released an EP entitled Falling, a release that consisted of heavy hitting Drum & Bass instrumentals. Although known predominantly for his unique sound and live displays – mainly because he uses his violin skills to complement his beat mixing skills – Totemic managed to fashion a solid display.

Now the artist hailing from Toronto, Canada is releasing a fresh EP, named Continuous Cycle, in which he continues to push the boundaries of his genre, perhaps even creating his own. It is a blend of Drum & Bass and acoustics that is indeed creative and innovative.

Continuous Cycle consists of four tracks that are unapologetic in their intensity. From the off, opening track Daybreak hits you with a beat that is accurate in its precision before a beautiful blend of violin compliments the melodic synths.  As you delve into this EP it takes a more darker and sombre turn, taking the listener into a new arena, a soundscape of heavy reverb and dreamy tones. Final track, Nightfall, is the best example of the dark and insular world Totemic is adept at creating.

Although the Falling and Continuous Cycle EP’s are similar in that they clearly have Totemic’s stamp as well as being released quite close to each other, the latter and latest offering is a more precise attempt. It feels as if Totemic has improved the production side of his arsenal two fold, as the clarity in recording is at an impressive level considering the complexity of his music.

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