Tod Hughes debut album Time Slow Down

Tod Hughes debut album Time Slow Down

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Canadian roots rock songwriter, Tod Hughes, has earned himself a loyal local following due to his bare-it-all, heart on a sleeve storytelling that bleeds into his songwriting. After captivating audiences with intimate and open live performances, Hughes’ debut EP entitled Changing Gears spoke of change and his own personal metamorphosis.

Now, Hughes is ready to reach out to a wider audience with his first full length release, Time Slow Down, a nine track showing that is released on CD, vinyl and digitally though the Orchard, a Sony company. For the most part this album delivers relatable content that tackles current day-to-day interactions and emotions in as honest a way as you are ever likely to find. Papers For Sale

For instance, the first video released from Time Slow Down is entitled Drinking Coffee in a Hipster Place. This song is a prime example of the realism Hughes brings to his music as he speaks about how sitting in a coffee shop has now become a social struggle of trying to fit in and look relevant – he doesn’t want to look lost in this world.

Time Slow Down is an upbeat and uplifting LP,  it’s opening title track makes you aware of this from the off, with extremely catchy melodies and a feel good factor that is contagious, despite the premise of the song being about the untrusting speed of time. Hughes is paranoid, like most are, that time is moving too fast, so it is quite telling that this is the headline of the album.

Business Topics For Research Papers Hughes brings us an enjoyable album through the medium of roots rock as he channels the likes of legendary storytellers Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, JJ Cale, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, all of which he is clearly inspired by. If you are looking for fun in a bid to put a smile on your face this album will positively surprise you.

Watch the video for Drinking Coffee in a Hipster place below:

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