Sharing vegan food and messages

Sharing vegan food and messages

Write My Essay For Me Cheap Vegetarian and vegan meet-ups and food shares are a great way to meet new friends and share recipes.

There are many vegetarian and vegan food meets across the country now – they are a great way of sharing recipes, trying new dishes and meeting like-minded people.

Anthem For Doomed Youth Essay Help I decided to interview Rose who set up and runs my local group in Peterborough.

What originally gave you the idea to set up a vegetarian and vegan group in Peterborough? How long has it been running?

I’d been lucky enough to have been brought up vegetarian and went vegan while I was at university. During my childhood, my mother had run a vegetarian mother and baby group so I’d been part of lots of little events in the area. About 4 and a half years ago I moved back to Peteborough after living in Bristol for some time and was surprised that there was nothing already set up for local vegetarians and vegans, so I decided to start a monthly food share myself. Rate Of Pay For Someone To Write Your Essay How easy was it to find a home for the group and get it started?

Initially, it was a challenge to find a suitable venue for the group to gather, we met in various different locations, including the council’s voluntary service building, a closed pub – that is now the HANDMADE BURGER COMPANY (who have 4 vegan burgers on their menu coincidentally enough) and we now gather in the commuinty room above ASDA every second Tuesday of the month from 7. pm. however sometimes we also have extra food shares at the Green Backyard in Peterborough during the summer too as it is a lovely green urban space that fits well with the group members living green values.

Helpme Essay 123 Foodshares for the basis of the meetings, what’s your favourite recipe you’ve discovered since the inception of the group?

Printing Business Plan Pdf I’ve been really excited about how much great food we’ve had at the food shares actually – there are some very imaginative chefs and bakers out there, but the most fun thing I’ve personally discovered since hosting the food shares are the many different types of recipes you can make with aqutafaba including vegan meringue and beautiful chocolate mousses! if you don’t know what aquafaba is… Google it – you won’t believe where it comes from!

On the whole, do you think Peterborough is a good city for vegans?

What Should I Write My College Essay On I think that Peterborough, as a fast growing city is a great place for vegans to be – we don’t have any vegan or vegetarian restaurants yet, but there has been a notice increase in vegan options on menus in the last few years so the more people ask for things, the more likely it is that we’ll get them! I’m very hopeful that we’ll get a vegetarian restaurant soon.

You’re planning a vegan festival for Peterborough – tell us a bit about that.

It’s sort of a Peterborough test to see who comes out of the woodwork. I think. the group currently is hosted and organised by just me, but in order to put on a vegan fair I will need people to help, so this is a good opportunity to get some new people on board and helping out with the group so that it can grow in the future.

I was hoping to be able to run the fair this summer, however it looks like it will be in the spring time next year. I’d like to have lots of vegan food stalls, as well as vegan merch and probably some music and talks throughout the day – it’s a work in progress. Peterborough has never had an event like this before and I’d really like it to be a flag to vegan businesses to say “HEY! Peterborough we are ready for you to come here.”

Tell us a bit about your own vegan journey and how running the group has influenced that.

I’ve been vegan for nearly nine years now and the group has been a lovely way of reminding me that my diet never has to be boring. As someone who was brought up vegetarian, and therefore having never had to make the transition to giving up meat, it might sometimes be easy for me to forget how much of a challenge it is for some people to do that. Hosting this group has been great to see the transition process for many other people which provides massive support for those at any stage of the journey. It’s also good to be able to openly discuss ideas and moral thoughts with a group of people who are on the same wave length as me sometimes! Plus great food….

Has social media helped with the group’s development? How important is Facebook for getting the information “out there”?

Facebook has really been a valuable tool for promoting the group! As a busy person, I find it hard to find time to get flyers and information out across Peterborough on my own, but social media is so instant and so many people use the events section that it means promotions have been easy to handle. I came off Facebook for a time, as I didn’t really use it personally, but this affected the numbers at the monthly food shares so much that I had to go back! I’d love to have volunteers to help distribute flyers etc for the group though – every extra hand is helpful and right now I only have two!

What are your plans for the future of the group, where do you see it heading from here?

Currently, the group is just a social group as I can’t give much more time to it due to work commitments. However, I’d like to get more people involved in the organisational level and see what other people come up with – we’ve got some information stands booked and other possible events in the pipeline so we’ll see who we find along the way!



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