Why short holidays are the best

Why short holidays are the best

How short breaks may be best suited for your kind of lifestyle.

That long break off to the Caribbean is the dream, but is it realistic and will it be the right holiday for you? If you’re the type of person who has a busy timetable and doesn’t like to be away from home for too long, then read on. As 2016 is half way through, it seems like our lives are only getting busier and busier- so it would be a bit crazy to break away from work and fly off to Vietnam or someplace else for a month, which is why shorter breaks may be your best option.

There are four seasons in a year and when we’re at school or work- constantly thinking about what we have to do next, it can feel as though our efforts aren’t being rewarded. (There’s no end goal) If you know that you’re getting unmotivated or even just tired with the same old routine, a short break away will allow you to restore the energy you once had. Having photos/pictures of the Countries you would like to eventually visit on your bedroom wall or fridge, will push you to get through the hardships and tiresome tasks that us human beings face on a daily basis.

Schedule to have three holidays a year if you can afford it. There are some really beautiful towns and countryside’s to visit in neighbouring Countries, like Cannes in the South of France or Bern in Switzerland to go to during spring time. Also, if you divide your holidays out wisely throughout the year- it could mean that you get plenty of sunshine even in winter. My last crucial point of why I think it’s better to take week long holidays is that knowing you have a set amount of time in your chosen destination, will make you want to make the most of the attractions around and activities to get involved with.

So when deciding upon your next destination to save up for, keep in mind that you’re able to see more but in a shorter time frame.


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