How to maintain your health this summer

How to maintain your health this summer

Happy Daze...

The feel good footsteps of summer are in full swing as life becomes brighter and lighter for us all. Indeed, it is proven that sunlight is key to boosting overall wellbeing, especially mood, cognitive function and energy levels.

It is the season to get outdoors, be active, have fun and generally adopt a more carefree approach to life. It also enables us to savour time with loved ones and ourselves. So be inspired; whether its family fun, alfresco dining, fresh food creations, adventure travel, physical or social activity, lets feel fabulous this summer!

Take A Swim:
The benefits of swimming are incredible. The active weightless motion effectively trains the cardiovascular system whilst toning all muscles. It also enhances posture, energy, fitness, strength and flexibility which makes the body more resistant to injury.

Swimming promotes positive therapeutic healing and balance too. The repetitive, freeing, movement and synchronisation of breath, combined with peace and relaxation that only water brings provides an outlet to release stored physical and mental tension.

It’s the perfect time to explore your local leisure facilities or head beachside for a dip!

Eat Fresh & Free:
Its peak season for fresh affordable produce, so it’s easy to incorporate more delicious nutrient dense superfoods into meals and feel our best. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables regularly supports all round health, immunity and vitality.

The warm temperatures also tend to have us craving lighter more refreshing meals and snacks. So give your menu a makeover and get creative with fresh vegetable juices or fruit smoothies for breakfast, rainbow rich coloured salads, cool soups and sauces for the BBQ. Don’t forget the Ice creams & celebratory evening cocktails!

Explore your local markets for the freshest produce or check out what’s offered at the Supermarkets. Even start growing your very own fresh favourites.

Get Connected:
Extra daylight opens the door to freedom with those we love, which is so key to our happiness. Common benefits of social activity include a positive outlook, sense of belonging, longer life expectancy even immunity with less tendency for anxiety and depression.

Summer spells connection, with less lifestyle restrictions and many of us in holiday mode, there is plenty of time to reap the benefits of being with others. Gather up the troops for a family BBQ, meet a friend for an uplifting stroll, hit the shops; play some team sports or engage with others at community events. The summer social calendar is packed with entertainment and activities, so be sure to keep up with what’s on in your area.

Be spontaneous and get away, who knows where the open road may lead!

Eat Out:
Food always tastes amazing when eaten outside, that mild summer air is a welcome accompaniment to any meal. Eating alfresco also enables us to soak up a healthy dose of mood enhancing, body strengthening vitamin D. Be inspired and break up the working day with lunch at the park. On the weekends, get busy with those fresh food finds and invite friends for brunch. Keep the family entertained and take a picnic to the beach.

Make a Move:
Sunshine boosts our Serotine levels and it is this happy hormone that regulates positive sleep, appetite and mood patterns. This explains why we always feel uplifted and more energised during summertime.

Step outside, help the mind relax & do something active. It could be DIY, gardening, fishing or a beach walk. Feeling energised? Try local water sports, golf, bike rides, team games, woodland hikes, and nature trails or perhaps even yoga at the park! The sun offers a world of opportunity to get active outdoors. Furthermore, that extra physical stimulation not only enhances fitness it also boosts brain power, productivity and self-confidence.

Take it Easy:
Most importantly this season, take time for yourself, rest, repair and rejuvenate. One of the best ways to do this is to slow down. It is the Holiday season after all. Enjoy nature & outdoor living known to reduce cortisol, our bodies’ natural stress response hormone.

It can be exhausting keeping up with the summer schedule, so do find time and space to settle the mind and tune in to your needs. Unplug the laptop, turn off the TV and savour a little relief from it all.

Aim for positive holistic balance and feel fantastic this summer.

Happy Health x


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