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Of course, there are a plethora of Marvel characters out there, making it harder than ever before to find an original hero. There are also some superheroes that are so ridiculous they can often be questioned as to their authenticity. Here are five heroes that may not be so well known:

1) Big Bertha

Marvel characters
Big Bertha

Here is a classic example of the “What in the hell?” complex that comes with certain characters. Big Bertha is a mutant with the ability to alter the fat content in her body at will (through a process of profuse vomiting). Naturally, with such an ability she is a supermodel. When she fights crime, however, she increases to a gargantuan size that could give the Blob a run for his money.

2) Doorman

Marvel characters

Behold! Here is a mutant teleporter that can teleport you anywhere you’d like … just as long as it’s in the next room. By somehow using his body as a warp hole of sorts, he can take you ten feet across through solid walls!┬áIt would probably work better to confuse people rather than being handy in an incredibly threatening scenario.

3) She-Thing

Marvel characters

Once upon a time, Sharon Ventura spent her days wresting with the superheroes in the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (yes, that’s a thing), battling with the likes of She-Hulk and such. Taking on the title of Ms. Marvel, Sharon eventually joined the Fantastic Four. Shortly after this, she too was exposed to the cosmic rays that gave them their powers, taking on pretty much the same powers and image of Ben Grimm.

4) Bird-Brain

Marvel characters

So, here is a being that was created by an insane geneticist who was happily splicing together human and animal DNA. Along with some other equally horrifying beings, Bird-Brain was created for an unknown reason. He managed to escape captivity and the New Mutants tried to integrate him into society, which, as you can imagine, failed horribly every time. Unable to communicate well because of his different language and the way his brain works, Bird-Brain is pretty much only capable of flight. Don’t count on him to extract you from anywhere though. He’ll probably be looking for some food to eat instead.

5) Stilt-Man

Marvel characters

Well, what can I say about this guy? He stole the designs for a hydraulic ram devise so he could build telescopic stilts. Incorporating them into a suit of his own, Stilt-Man can be taller than a building. Actually, I’m not giving him enough credit here. He’s a brilliant inventor and his nigh-impenetrable suit of armour is kitted out with serious weaponry that often pits him against Iron Man and Thor.


So there you have it. Naturally there are way more than five, but please share your thoughts. What heroes/villains would like to have seen?

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  1. I actually didn’t know about Bird-Brain, and I’d forgotten She-Thing. Doorman would be amazing in a Deadpool sequel. Lady Stilt-Man deserved a quick mention though, don’t you think?

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