Guy Grogan presents us with a Dynamite Bouquet

Guy Grogan presents us with a Dynamite Bouquet

Award winning songwriter and one man band, Guy Grogan, has returned to the fold with his latest full length album, Dynamite Bouquet. Grogan is more than prolific, having self-released and produced no less than nine albums up until this point in time.  As a result of the general graft Grogan has displayed, he received a whole heap of songwriting awards last year in 2015, lorded by organisations such as Indie International, Song of the Year, American Songwriting Awards, and the UKSC.

Grogan’s style has always been DIY. He is the personification of the one man band as he plays in and records each instrument himself. However on this latest release, Dynamite Bouquet, Grogan has enlisted the production skills of legendary Santa Fe musician and producer Jono Manson to take on the mixing and mastering at Kitchen Sink Studios. As a result, there is a welcome improvement to the production quality of his songs, whilst still keeping the essence of the ‘garage band’ style his fans have come to know him for.

One of the plus points of Dynamite Bouquet is that it isn’t stuck on one mood. One moment you can have the angst driven Rock n Roll feel of a track like Metafixation, then be taken in an opposite, more relaxed, jazz direction of a track like Moonbird, and then be faced with an acoustic ballad like What If I Told You.

Like his previous albums, Dynamite Bouquet is a record for all seasons and occasions as Grogan trails through the genres of Indie Rock, Folk, Power Pop, and Jazz. It rare that an artist is brave enough to show multiple facets in one body of work but it appears it is Grogan’s intention to give his listener a full spectrum of experience.

Dynamite Bouquet is available to listen and buy here.

Samuel Mensah
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