Bryson Green goes ambitious with Go Green: Season

Bryson Green goes ambitious with Go Green: Season

Atlanta based rapper, singer and songwriter Bryson Green cannot be accused of shirking a challenge. In this case it is a challenge he has set for himself with his latest project Go Green: Season, in which he has proclaimed that he will release a single for every week for the entirety of a full year. This is indeed brave when you realise that Green will have to produce a total of 52 tracks for the 52 weeks that make up a year. That is enough to make five albums.

Originally growing up in Oklahoma City, Green has come to embody the diverse culture that surrounded him, giving him a voice and a point of view to impart on a listening world. His surname is what inspires him to make music. Quite poetically, Green symbolises youth, hope, and most of all growth and after years of cultivation Green is releasing Go Green: Season in a way that is unique and innovative.

The first single from this is project is entitled I Know It – a track made up of a worldly instrumental, similar to an Enya track. Green’s vocal performance is steeped in reverb as he repeats the refrain “I know it” throughout the track in an aim to build its relevance. The track sounds as if it is influenced by the infamous Kanye West, especially during his 808 and Heartbreaks period.

Some of Green’s older work should get a mention also. Love’s Crazy, taken from a prior release Go Green 2, is a great instrumental that consists simply of a replayed guitar line that is then accompanied by a house beat. From the snippet that is provided the song sounds promising, however it is cruelly ended just before it gets going.

All in all, Bryson Green has provided us with an interesting project and it will be worth tuning in just to see if he can keep his word of releasing a song every week for a year. Visit his website here to see his progress and watch the video for I Know It below:

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