House Party Protocol: All of Iron Man to date #2

House Party Protocol: All of Iron Man to date #2

All of the suits from Mark VIII all the way through to Mark XLII.

Phase Two starts out with Iron Man 3, the film that gives us a hell of a lot of suits, which is probably where fans most likely get lost without some sort of guide.

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MK VIII. This suit is much the same as the previous model, but a bit sleeker and more manoeuvrable, including a detachable backpack. Like most of the suits, this one was blown up when Tony initiated “Clean Slate” protocol, as well as all the rest through to MK XLII.


MK IX. Not much changes with the next suit. This one can also open up anywhere without the help of robotic arms, wrapping around Stark like the MK VII could. It also features a thruster on the reverse.



MK X. One of the more advanced suits. This one included more thrusters on the torso and feet to increase flight speed, making it the fastest suit at the time of its completion.




 photo ironman11_zps38c42539.jpgMK XI. Very similar to the MK X, but lacking extra thrusters.



Suit 12

MK XII. Capable of generating a repulsor shield, this suit doesn’t feature the traditional Iron Man colours.



MK XIII. Faster, more light-weight, more streamlined. This suit is the first to feature a rectangular arc reactor.



MK XIV. Differing only in looks from the MK XII.




MK XV. “Sneaky”.  This is the initial stealth suit, with the ability to darken or lighten its colours to the environment. It’s also able to fly smoothly and quietly, cloaking itself from enemy radar.


MK XVI.  “Nightclub”. This suit utilises more sophisticated stealth technology. Able to blend into the background at night, it can run a lot smoother than Sneaky, but the weapon output is reduced to repulsors.


MK XVII. “Heartbreaker”. Aptly named due to its excessively large chest repulsor transmitter (RT). It is dexterous in its ability to focus the size of its unibeam attack.


MK XVIII. “Casanova”.  This suit incorporates the heavy artillery capabilities of Heartbreaker, as well as some of the cloaking abilities from Nightclub.


MK XIX. “Tiger”. Following from the success of the MK X, Tiger improves the flight capabilities, able to manoeuvre with hardly any loss of speed. It is also heavily armoured to reduce G-force.


MK XX. “Python”.  The twentieth suit features a more conservative power to make it fly for longer distances. Featuring black and gold, with looks based off the MK VII.


MK XXI. “Midas”. So named because of its gold complexion, Midas is capable of reaching higher altitudes, withstanding areas of low pressure and extreme colds.


MK XXII. “Hot Rod”. This is a MK II for War Machine, featuring the hot rod stripes. Although weaponless, this prototype is a third of the weight.



MK XXIII. “Shades”. Camouflage in appearance, this suit is able to withstand intense heat. This means that Tony won’t be burned alive when undergoing any missions in the desert or in volcanoes.


MK XXIV. “Tank”. A new and improved version of Heartbreaker, this features increased armour as well as the powerful capabilities that come with an oversized chest RT.



MK XXV. “Striker”. With detachable pneumatic drills on its arms, Striker is the first suit built for the purpose of construction. It can also withstand heat and electricity.


MK XXVI. “Gamma”. A more robust version of Striker, this suit can resist gamma radiation.




MK XXVII. “Disco”. Its funky colour scheme is the source of its name, but its ability allows it to blend seamlessly into its environment like a chameleon.


MK XXVIII. “Jack”. A superior radiation-proof suit, slightly weightier than previous models. The colour system is not dissimilar to a radiation hazard symbol.





MK XXIX. “Fiddler”. Named after the Fiddler Crab, this suit is a more powerful construction suit than Striker. It also has a large chest RT.



MK XXX. “Blue Steel”. Based off the Silver Centurion straight from the comics, this suit is the first look at it on the big screen.



MK XXXI. “Piston”. A quicker version of previous suits, able to achieve a speed five times faster than sound. That’s bloody fast!


MK XXXII. “Romeo”. So named because of his big heart. The chest RT capabilities of Romeo far outrank those of Heartbreaker.




MK XXXIII. “Silver Centurion”. An improved version of Blue Steel, the Silver Centurion is made for energy amplification, which gives it its distinctive look. It also features retractable vibranium blades. Eat your heart out, Wolverine.


MK XXXIV. “Southpaw”. Meaning left-handed, this disaster rescue suit features a claw with which Tony can pick up and remove debris.


MK XXXV. “Red Snapper”. A more advanced version of the Southpaw, the Red Snapper features two claws to assist with rescue missions more easily.




MK XXVI. “Peacemaker”. A riot suit equipped with non-lethal weaponry to control civilians if ever there was a need for it.


MK XXXVII. “Hammerhead”. A deep sea diving suit, featuring improved lighting and torpedoes.



MK XXXVIII. “Igor”. Slouched and bulky, this suit features the strength as we haven’t seen in any of the other suits. Capable of lifting objects many times its own weight, Igor is possibly a predecessor of the Hulkbuster.



MK XXXIX. “Gemini” or “Starboost”. The first suit to feature space flight. Has a supply of oxygen and heat-resistant armour.


MK XL. “Shotgun”. Renowned as the fastest suit in Tony’s arsenal. It can exceed speeds of Mach 5, making a shotgun-like noise when it breaks the sound barrier.



MK XLI. “Bones”. This suit can separate its component parts and make them fly separately. It specialises in speed and manoeuvrability.


MK XLII. The mark forty-two is the armour that Tony mainly uses in Iron Man 3. He has engineered it in such a way that it will fly to him when called upon. It is a much more convenient way of suiting up than previous models. Also, remotely controlled.




So there you have it. All of the suits made between the events of Avengers Assemble and Iron Man 3. Now it should be easier to keep up. The next post will finish off the list of suits used in the MCU to date.


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