Lost Village Festival: A forest like no other

Lost Village Festival: A forest like no other

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English people rejoice! Festival season has finally begun and kicking it off in the last days of may, with a bang and pop of prosecco was Lost Village. No enemy of smoke machines, this festival offered a smoky fairy tail grotto bursting with tantalising musical treats that those in attendance aren’t likely to forget any time soon.

In its second year of infancy, Lost Village provided a ethereal experience under a canopy of trees and ultra violet lights. The smallness of the venue created a sense of intimacy and by know means reflected on the quality of entertainment. Deep in the forest, stages named like ‘The Abandoned Chapel’ drew crowds with heady electronic beats that had fans of house and techno drooling for more. Whatever it takes to claim a festival had ‘vibes’ was achieved by this intimate forrest dwelling.

Performances that stuck out as truly magnificent included Palms Trax, new comer Zeke Africa and Henrik Schwarz. Deep House DJ Henrik Schwarz in particular played a jaw dropping set with some of the most expertly produced tension builds and drops ever experienced in festival history. Living up to its namesake, Lost Village was a labyrinth of evergreen twists and turns ensuring much confusion and fun as we stumbled upon secret stages and a plethora of hidden gems. One such stumble led to Bicep Bang in the middle of hit JUST, the melody of which rang in our ears long after the festival had ended.

It’s perhaps blasphemous to review Lost Village without an honourable mention of Fat Boy Slim who got the crowd into a frenzy on the first night with his particular energetic blend of electro house. Voodoo dolls hung like mischievous conductor puppets above a stage lit up like a fireworks display. It wouldn’t, however, be a festival without some strange goings on and happenings. So here’s a list of the top five strangest things we witnessed at lost Village:

1. Though this was most probably an official part of the entertainment, but still equally as freaky, there were a group of assumed actors dressed in animal couture doing random live shakespearean performances throughout the forest. This may not sound especially strange, but rest assured, it was indeed very unsettling.

2. An old shirtless man wearing hot pants channeling his inner Janet Jackson through the medium of contemporary dance, deep in the foliage.

3. A group of boys snorting lines of crumbled digestive biscuits. Carry on boys, carry on.

4. A girl taking a selfie in a portaloo demonstrating there really is never an inappropriate place to take a selfie.

5. A hoola hoop contest that got decidedly out of control when the instigator of said contest somehow lost her dress in the process but carried on unabashedly unashamed. 

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