Album Review: Tumbler – Come to the Edge

Album Review: Tumbler – Come to the Edge

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Not to be confused with the misspelt popular microblogging and social media site, Tumbler is an Alternative Rock and Folk project that are about to release their second album, Come to the Edge. Hailing from Epsom, England, the band have a family feel about them. More so because the group is made up of actual family members Harry and Richard Grace, as well as accompanying member Dave Needham.

Come to the Edge is a more coherent piece of work compared to its predecessor as Harry’s vocal and songwriting skills have improved further. Where You Said was more of a mish mash of ideas, sounds and influences, this sophomore release is more streamlined and exhibits a continuity throughout the record.

Opening track Black Sheep is a strong example of the sound Tumbler have developed on this LP. Harry takes a popular nursery rhyme and manipulates it to put his angsty message across. It’s a great opener that really gathers momentum the longer the song plays. Beginning with an acoustic flavour it soon reveals itself to be more, as the soaring guitar solos and dirty drum rhythms combine to deliver something fun and enjoyable.

Falling is perhaps the highlight of the album and one of the best written songs of 2016, there is so much to like here. It is reminiscent of the kind of catchy and melodically driven songs that made up the successful indie rock scene in the 90s. Think of the likes of Weezer and Harvey Danger and you get an idea of the essence of this track. It is a banger that deserves to be on the mantle piece and not the scrapheap.

Tumbler can be proud to have produced a family heirloom such as Come to the Edge. It deserves to be heard, the most exciting aspect being the development of Harry Grace who is growing into a real lead singer songwriter. Come to the Edge is officially released on 26th July 2016 and can be streamed and purchased here.

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