Year of the Locust to release debut LP Devolver

Year of the Locust to release debut LP Devolver

Long Island based Hard Rock and Metal band, Year of the Locust, are returning to the tip of many tongues with their first full length album, Devolver. Those with their ears firmly plugged into the ground will remember their debut EP in 2015, Home, which included the well received single Bottom, as well as the self-titled single that made an impressive impact.

Following the release of Home the four-piece toured across America to promote that debut release, playing at the NYC Tattoo Festival 2015, and opening for Candlebox, Trapt, Hoobastank, as well as supporting legendary guitarist Jake E. Lee and his band The Red Dragon Cartel. As a result Year of the Locust have amassed a broader audience, gaining a reputation for their live shows.

Debut LP Devolver is the band taking a next step in their sound and development, it’s more innovative and energetic. Lead single and video Rise Up is thumping from the get go, reminding you of early Incubus or NickelBack on steroids, whilst the vocal from lead singer Scot McGiveron is thunderous and dominant. The guitar line in the chorus really delivers an enjoyable rise before the track audibly goes from strength to strength.

There is a melodic element to this band’s music that is rather refreshing, comparable to the likes of Shinedown, whilst another notable track, Sledgehammer, will please all fans of the likes of Metallica. Devolver is an example of Year of the Locust raising the bar for themselves and given their progression you can imagine that 2017 will be even better for the group.

The Devolver EP will be out and available from 22nd July 2016. Watch the video for Rise Up below:

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