Top 5 clichés to remember about weddings

Top 5 clichés to remember about weddings

Nuptial season is coming...

Spring has arrived and obviously in this change of weather people feel more romantic, birds are singing the sun is high in the sky and we can sense the warm in our skin, so it’s with no surprise that I say that I’ve attended my first wedding of the year last weekend.

I had completely turned off the wedding mode after the end of the summer, and as so I was absolutely not ready for the avalanche of clichés that was waiting for me.

That’s why I decided to make this list, with the top 5 clichés , just so everybody can get their mind set for what’s coming, and get ready because bridal season is upon us all…

1 – The “second” pair of shoes.

This is like one of the most important things about a wedding, after the ceremony and all the stunning pictures and allot of standing around waiting and looking to peoples outfits it becomes almost impossible to walk. Every woman knows what I’m talking about, after making sure that no more pictures are taken from the waist down we have to go the “second” pair of shoes! They are a life saver, YES heels are beautiful but painful and no one, I mean no one, can stand a full on wedding with one of those, so I believe this was the only cliché that I remember because at the reception I was wearing my gorgeous and very much comfortable flats.

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2 – The “When is your wedding” question.

This is the good part of being single in a wedding, you don’t have to worry about this kind of interrogation, but when you’re in a serious relationship for a while you know for sure that this question is going to pop somewhere in a conversation. It’s terrifying when you want to get marry but haven’t been asked, and it’s super scary when you just don’t feel like saying for the thousand time that you’re not ready for it, so my suggestion is just moon walking away of the topic like – “ OMG , did you see the mini-quiche area, I’m just going over there to get one very quickly …“ and just walk away!!

3 – Pervert alert!!

There’s always a perv situation in a wedding that we must avoid, it could be a distant relative, or a friend of a friend but they are going to be there. At the beginning you just sense that someone is looking at you, it starts to get uncomfortable and you just ignore it, but somehow they find a way to get close to you and it just gets creepy. You start to ask who is this person, where did they come from and why nobody else feels their skin is crawling off, you feel naked even though your outfit is very wedding appropriate and you even catch yourself putting together you skirt or blouse all the time.

Hilarious movie.... White Chicks!!  I am thinking of my friend Amy and wondering just how many times we watched this movie. It never gets old....LOL:

4 – In your face cake.

This is a typical cliché that you can see in almost all weddings. The bride and the groom may say they don’t want to do it, but at the time and after hours and hours of food and many many drinks it finally happens.       I completely believe it’s just a excuse to not eat the cake and leave the party, because – “well my make-up and dress is ruined, we must leave to our honey-moon“.

Cake kiss! I have a photo like this from my wedding and it's one of my favorites from the whole night :):

5 –The bouquet fight.

YES , YES , YES I love this part, not because of the bouquet itself but most certainly for the looks of anxiety in every single girl face.

They start out playing it cool – “I don’t even what the bouquet , my mom just want me to catch it for good luck” (yeah right because you’re an adult but your mom made you come here , sure). Then you can see them line up, the elbow fight initiates – “hey can you give me some space, we should wall be at the same spot so it’s fair to all“ (because you absolutely want to play fair , wink wink). And it ends in the most beautifully way ever, the moment the bouquet it’s toss you can almost see it in slow motion, the look in their faces, there’s no more fair play, oh no, you can see their eyes scream – “My precious“ and that’s when they star pushing each other in the face and someone always falls because the struggle is so intense. The lucky girl just walks out of the cat fight like she gained an Oscar, and in her smile you can see what she’s thinking about the loser’s – “Bye Felicia.“

@afowler87 "Bye Felicia" "Who's Felicia?" "Exactly... bye bitch" could have used this earlier lmao!:


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