Tabletop gamers welcome!

Tabletop gamers welcome!

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Gaming has recently become more of a norm with gaming pubs and gaming nights and events set up frequently. However things are still expanding and one great example of that is Paul and The Orcs Head.

Seven years ago Paul started to look in to why there was no table top gaming pubs in or around the area of London. Granted there are certain pubs that offer the computer experience, but what about table top games? When did they become desolate? Now that the next generation are growing up with more advance computer games, it leaves out the need for table top and card games, but thankfully Paul had the ideas and put them to work.

Though we can’t give all the credit to Paul, there was also a women’s touch! Paul’s fiancée is the buyer and all final decisions are made by her. (Well suited being that she is an extremely talented restoration artist!) Fear not, the pub will not be started by a complete noob, Paul has worked not only in bars but as a trainee manager for Games Workshop.

The Orcs Head as it is named has a completely original take on what a gaming pub should be and some great and fresh ideas. Think Olde English Pub smashed together with a comic book. Think hidden sliding doors and fun sound effects allow gamers to feel entirely in their comfort zone.

This however poses the question, is there a huge amount of people willing to step in to the unknown to play games with unfamiliar faces, or are the majority of gamers hidden away, too embarrassed to admit their gaming habits to the world? Or maybe will having these gaming places around make people like that feel more comfortable with `coming out` of the comic book shop?

Maybe by places such as Paul’s company appearing there will become more establishments that are without pubs and bars in them, and allow secret enthusiasts to learn the games they never could. Is there a chance that games will be `hipster–ized` or are they safe in their clans and groups?

Comment below and explain your views on the subject!

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