How to know if you are a flamer and how to fix...

How to know if you are a flamer and how to fix it!

Welcome to the ‘Are you a flamer?’ guide!

The intensive guide that points you in the direction of your flaming habits! Find out if you are a flamer!

1)  Does this message make an appearance often?

Or have you been perma banned?

2) Do you find that you no longer receive absurd messages like this, you are in fact the one sending them?

More than … really?

3) Has this happened to you?

4) have you ever received this aggressively polite message?

TBH if you have answered yes to even one of these then yeah your probably a flamer. We all do it from time to time but it becomes a problem when its EVERY time. Read below for the types of gamer flamers and how to fix it!

The guilt ridden flamer

The guilt ridden flamer doesn’t flame very often, only in the most stressful situations. They suffer from guilt after telling a fellow team mate to `eff off`.

How to Fix it

Just .. don’t bother flaming, it hurts doesn’t it?

The one who feels no guilt but knows where to draw the line.

Usually the one that shouts out whilst playing the game and disturbs family members late at night. They are aggressive enough to be considered mean over chat but never add any thing to do with other players family etc.

How to fix it

Just calm down, seriously dude. Take some deep breaths and count to ten before telling mrgreat95_bigman he is a complete and utter $£*£$!!*&!%$£!

That complete Twat. 

Now this has no jokes, this flamer is the kind who wished bad things upon you and your family. report and block them straight away.

How to fix it

Until the computer is broken, they will rage on … Sorry

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