How to inject Prince and Bowie magic into your life

How to inject Prince and Bowie magic into your life

So far this year, lots of famous people have died.  Sadly among them were two of the greatest-ever musical artists. It felt that just as we were getting over the shock of David Bowie dying, Prince then passed away! I numbingly found out the morning after his death via Instagram.  What a shock! Both these artists got me through my childhood and in turn instilled a sense of purpose in me.

I’m lucky as I got to see Prince in concert almost from the front row many years ago.  His talent was almost overwhelming, and I can still remember that night.  Could anyone be so gifted?  His first wife, the beautiful Mayte Garcia was also on the stage; electricity beamed between them both.  Unfortunately, I never got to see David Bowie, but can imagine he must have put on a some show!

From a yogic point a view I feel that both these great artists were truly in their own unique flow. They were plugged into the energy of life: the creative heartbeat of the universe.

They broke down barriers and inspired millions with their music and artistry.


Both their deaths left a sad feeling behind.  What a reminder of how fragile all our lives are. Surely then by knowing this, we should feel inspire to make the best out of ourselves? Prince and Bowie after all both shone the light on the potential magic that is within all souls.  They just knew how to access it to a very high level.

What now for the future? Regrettably it feels like the world’s growing obsession with celebrity may impact the future growth of artists.  To be famous for nothing rather than to be a master of what one loves, feels kind at like missing the point of life.  Where’s the substance in that, and if we don’t want depth than surely is that not just regression?

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of talented and exceptional young artists like Christine and the Queens out there.  However, there are also more and more people getting famous for nothing.

Regardless, I still think it is possible to get some Prince-and-Bowie-like magic in your world.

Here’s how:

1. Don’t wait to be great.  You can be amazing today.  It doesn’t matter what you do, apply the attitude that every action you make is to inspire and progress.  If you sweep the floor,  clean it with greatness.  If you paint a picture, do it with love.

2. Know who you are and what you stand for. Instead of trying to change the world… let’s start changing ourselves.  What is it that you want to deliver in life?  What is your unique message? Own who you are and allow yourself to shine.

3. Ignite your sense of play by enjoying what you do.  See work as play, meaning enjoy it! If you aren’t in your dream job, stop focusing on what you don’t like about it but instead focus on what you do.  Spend ten minutes every morning saying what you are grateful for and proceed this by imagining what you want to deliver.

4.  Stay in tune with the world around you by taking deep breaths instead of shallow ones.  Life is happening now! Having been on a public speaking course recently the first component of being a great speaker was to have energy. Prana, as we call energy in yoga, enters the body through the breath.  We are all here to speak in life so let’s get breathing better!

5. What legacy do you want to leave?  It doesn’t have to big but what would you like the world to remember you by?  Do at least one thing a day to help implement this.  Bowie and Prince didn’t get to be who they were by just dreaming about it.

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We can all be heroes

6. Feel jolly and grateful, iced with humbleness.  David Bowie and Prince despite their talents always looked so grateful being on stage, even later in life when they had nothing left to prove.  Thankfulness goes a long way.

In short, to love and accept yourself completely no matter what perceived flaws and faults you may or may not have is to me the ultimate expression of love.  Let’s dance under the purple rain to that!

In loving memory of Prince and David Bowie.


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