Who is PJS? The celebrity injunction mystery

Who is PJS? The celebrity injunction mystery

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Judge to decide whether celebrity should be named in the media.

A well-known celebrity who has an injunction to prevent an affair from coming to light will appear at the Supreme Court on today.

The celebrity in question is appealing against lifting the ban on the details of his affair and him being named in the media in England and Wales.

On Monday, it emerged that a court of appeals judge gave the celebrity- whose partner is also well-known in the public eye and whom he has a child with, until 10:00am on Tuesday to apply for an appeal.

In the hearing, the judge also said that there must be no naming of the celebrity in the media before 13:00pm on Wednesday.

It has been reported that The Sun newspaper want to expose the alleged celebrity’s affair- who is referred to as PJS.

In Mondays court hearing, it was revealed that PJS had occasional sexual encounters with someone referred to as AB, starting from 2009.

In December 2011, they exchanged messages discussing a ‘three-way’ with AB’S partner, CD. And in January, the two other individuals approached The Sun with the story.

In the same month, a High Court judge refused to impose the injunction against publication, but the man won an injunction after appealing against the initial decision.

Details against the allegation are now so wide-spread that confidentiality will most likely be lost. However, an interim injunction will remain in place until the end of the appeal hearing.

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