Could there be an Iron Man 4?

Could there be an Iron Man 4?

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Robert Downey Jr teases at a possible Iron Man 4.

Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr has teased at a possible fourth instalment of the Iron Man film franchise.

Downey Jr, who has been part of the Marvel Universe for eight years now, is signed up for another two Marvel films, but could there be another movie on the horizon?

The actor, who made his Iron Man debut in 2008, is set for parts in both Spiderman: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War. He has also just recently appeared in Captain America: Civil War.

But the much-loved actor won’t stop there. In a recent interview, Downey Jr said: “I feel like I could do one more (Iron Man).”

Could this be a hint into the future of Iron Man? Well, with Marvel Studios having three untitled films scheduled for 2020, it could quite possibly be- Let’ hope so! This is welcome news after many speculated that Downey Jr was looking to give up the role he has played for almost a decade,

Robert Downey Jr has reprised his role as Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War, which was released last weekend (April 29th) in the UK and May 6th in the US. Check out our review for that film.

Check out the trailer below:

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