Ornella Iannuzzi – The new jewel in the crown

Ornella Iannuzzi – The new jewel in the crown

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Who is Ornella Iannuzzi?

Ornella Iannuzzi is currently the number one most exciting rising star in the jewellery design. Only recently she was awarded two of the most highly coveted awards in her profession at the renown Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards 2015 in London, elevating her to a new level of notoriety amongst jewellery designers and jewellery connoisseurs worldwide. Her most famed ring, named “Uprising”, won her the IJL Precious Jewellery Award and the Goldsmiths’ Company Award, two of the ceremony’s gold awards.

Her Inspiration

As a jewellery designer, Iannuzzi attributes her creative edge to her childhood growing up in the French Alps. Years of hiking across mountains in an explorative bid to be wowed by minerals and gemstones, whilst collecting a catalogue of crystals, later transferred to a unyielding desire to create the beautiful jewellery she designs for her clients today. It is fascinating that a childhood obsession with the size and colour of stones would become a professional expertise now sought after worldwide.

Having found her calling Iannuzzi delved into the world of jewellery and won an internship at Capet-Joaillier, Paris, where she was able to learn firsthand the importance of quality craftsmanship. Not only was she able to do her education to perfect her craft, Iannuzzi was also able to collaborate with the company on her collection of opals and emeralds, inspired by a trip to Ethiopia, that are very popular in the Middle East. For inspiration Iannuzzi believes travelling to mineral fairs is an incredibly important process for her art. She can be found frequenting the Mineral & Gem à Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines fair held in the small town of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines in a valley in the Alsace Mountains in France, and the Munich Mineral Show in Germany, searching for her next materials.

Her work

The award winning artist jeweller mainly creates one off pieces for her customers which adds to the popularity of her work. Those who are searching for unique jewellery with a personal touch fall in love with her designs and individuality they represent. Each piece of jewellery will take a few months to complete from start to finish as Iannuzzi carefully crafts her treasured pieces like a patient sculpture.

To summarise, Ornella Iannuzzi produces quality high-end jewellery for those searching for the highest quality of individuality and artistry.

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