Prostitution: How far should a women go for money?

Prostitution: How far should a women go for money?

What makes them to go that far?

Prostitution might be the oldest occupation in the world, but almost everyone talks about it with disgust. Let`s be honest, women who sell their bodies have always been around us, it`s just we choose not to talk about them.

I decided to find out what makes these women go so far, that selling their bodies is the only way  to make money.

The video above has gone viral and was made by two guys from EDART.TV. They decided to show the reality of prostitution in Latvia. I wanted to say special thanks to them for letting me use their video in this post.

Some people on the internet are publishing comments like: ”She is too lazy to go and find a normal job” or ”Her kids will be shocked when they will find out what their mother has been doing”.

Of course, it`s easy to blame a woman for being a prostitute, but how often do we think it through? We should think about what made her the woman she is today selling her body on the street? Money problems, drug addiction, not enough education, problems in family and not enough parental support are some of the reasons I could think of.

Almost everyone agrees that women that work as prostitutes don`t have any self respect. Okay, but we need to remember that these women probably didn`t come from well-situated families, so they haven`t seen a good example of what is self respect.

Prostitution is a thing that will exist, no matter how much we sometimes would hate it to, because if there`s a supply there will be a demand. We can choose to talk about it, or pretend it doesn`t exist.


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