TOWIE, sun, swimwear and catfights

TOWIE, sun, swimwear and catfights

Most explosive argument in TOWIE history

A normal day in Essex just hanging at a pool party during last weeks heat created the back drop for one of the most explosive scenes in the shows history last night.


For those of you who are not an avid TOWIE fan like myself the drama had been building for the past two weeks since the casts annual holiday to Marbella. DJ, Lauren Pope and Fashion blogger, Vas Morgan had shown their dislike to Fashion boutique owner Gemma Collins and her best friend Bobby Norris.

Arguments were not left behind in the Marbella sun and travelled back to Essex with the group. Gemma and Vas had a row in the street with Vas accusing Gemma of being a bully and not a very good friend to Bobby Norris. Whilst Lauren Pope performed a very good impression of Gemma and how she reacts during arguments.

All of the above set the scene for last nights show and the fireworks that were to happen.


Gemma and Bobby were joined on a night out with Jess Wright, Danielle Armstrong and Chloe Sims where Gemma had revealed she had heard about Lauren Popes impression of her. Gemma then went on to say she had called Lauren a Kylie Minogue wannabe with her addiction to hot water and lemon and botox. Due to the fact that Lauren had made an impression of her Gemma then pushed Bobby Norris to do an impression of Lauren. You could see how uncomfortable Bobby was in the situation and awkwardly just doing a look before Chloe Sims took over and did the full Lauren impression.


So the battlelines were now drawn and the cast were set for the biggest row to hit TOWIE in years.

Gemma obviously had been told by the producers to aproach Vas and Lauren along with Bobby however in my opinion she did this in an antagonising way with a huge grin on her face declaring she “wanted to see Lauren’s impression”

In steps Vas, who would do whatever a good best friend does, and defended his friend stating;

You’re just a nasty person. You haven’t got a personality, you’re just nasty. People laugh at you, not with you. She’s come over here with a big smiley face, but she’s going around b****ing. I’m not having you do it to [Lauren] too’

Lauren jumped in to defend herself and show she does has a backbone by angrily saying;

I’d rather have my personality than yours every day of the week

Bobby was stood by Gemma looking more awkward by the minute with Vas screaming;

Bobby doesn’t even want to be around you – he’s just scared!’


Obviously hitting a nerve with Gemma or “GC” as she likes to call herself, she then turned on her so called “best friend” by telling the crowd now listening that Bobby was entertaining everyone in Essex with his Lauren Pope impression.

Knowing that he had been pushed by Gemma to do that and not even doing a proper impression before Chloe Sims had taken the floor to show off hers Bobby defended himself and took on the GC shouting whilst she stormed off;

That was Chloe Sims that done that. Come here and tell the truth!

Chasing after Gemma screaming for her to tell the truth and stop lying Gemma hurled a drink at Bobby and the pair had to be seperated by producers as they were going in for a full blown fight.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the shock on the other cast members faces as it was all kicking off just at the side of the set.


There has been a lot of noise on Twitter about last nights events. Personally I feel Gemma Collins has gone a bit overboard on her diva-ship comparing herself to Beyonces “Sasha Fierce” character with the whole “GC” nonsense. She likes to cause drama as she knows this is what will get people talking but she does it at the expense of other cast members and her best friend.

I feel for Bobby Norris I really do, she orders him around and as she can be intimidating he does what she asks. I mean why else would he give her foot massages!! She also antagonises the people brave enough to stand up to her and then let’s them blow their tops off whilst she stands crazily smiling at them making them out to be the bad guys.

I’ve met many GCs in my time and trust me Bobby your better off without her!


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