Arkham Knight first impressions

Arkham Knight first impressions

Does Arkham Knight really live up to the hype? (Spoiler free)

Well it’s been just over a day since Arkham Knight was released and the gaming community is already trying to decide ‘did Arkham Knight live up to the hype?’. The interesting thing about this game is that it had an insane amount of hype. The first trailers were released almost eighteen months ago and ever since the fan interest has built and built. For a lot of companies this would create a level of expectation that would be impossible to meet, but Rocksteady have done it.
Do not get me wrong, it’s not a perfect game, as I am sure will be discussed at length when me or one of my colleagues fully review it, but it might be the perfect Batman game. The world has been filled with details that will delight everyone from the most passing fan to the hard core comic book readers. The story is well thought out and extremely thematic, it really does feel like you are Batman for an evening and you have to make choices in a free and natural way just as he would.

I am around seven hours into the game, I didn’t do much except play Batman yesterday because I’m a student and we do that sort of thing, at this point the game tells me I am half way through the main campaign and I have discover around eight side quests. I have only completed one side quest but from what I have played they all feel like independent cases and stories giving the world more depth, and allowing everyone to have a moment with their favourite villain.
At this point the only thing that has become a draw back for me is the Batmobile, it’s amazing to drive but you will find yourself having to drag it around for the first three hours of the game. There are points where you have to use the Batmobile in a series of situation for which it would be easier for Batman to go in all stealthy, just because the Batmobile ‘is cooler’. Do not fear though, the game seems to realise that the Batmobile is dragging the plot down a little and makes an effort to limit its usage.
So should you Arkham Knight? Yes, it’s probably going to become game of the year and is well worth your time. Should you get today? Maybe, I think if your a major gamer or Batman fan It’s probably worth checking out but for a casual fan I would wait a month or two to shave a tenner off that price tag. Arkham Knight is a great game, so great I think I’ll go and play a little more…
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